You’re almost certainly familiar with the concept of a Homecoming weekend. Your own town probably has one. But, as with so many other things, it’s just a little different at Put-in-Bay! Put-in-Bay Homecoming is a massive event where seasonal workers and Put-in-Bay regulars from years’ past head up to the island for a big time party. They reminisce about season’s past and look forward to season’s future with a bar crawl and other fun.

Homecoming at Put-in-Bay

The summers spent at Put-in-Bay are great memories for the hundreds of young adults interning and doing seasonal work every year at the Bay. So the opportunity to come back for a weekend and have some fun is quite the occasion. It’s also a perfect fond farewell to another great year at Put-in-Bay, a commemoration to summer. Join the PIB alums for a weekend full of great fun. The atmosphere is particularly festive this weekend, because its filled with people who are normally working when they’re at Put-in-Bay, and finally get to enjoy it as a guest.

This is also nearly the final chance for you to make your way to Put-in-Bay for a getaway. After this weekend is the Halloween Boo Bash at the Bay, and after that, the island shuts its doors for the season. A lot of you reading this probably already have plans for Halloween weekend. That means you’ll have no choice but to head over for Homecoming weekend.

The mood around Homecoming weekend is fantastic because there’s only one reason that people are there. Getting back together with old friends and having a great time. This isn’t a weekend for the parks or sightseeing, its a weekend for the bars and restaurants, for reveling and having a fun weekend with friends in a place you love.

Join us and make one more great set of 2018 memories!

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Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

Oct  20 , 2018

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