The Put-in-Bay "Covid Germ Burn"

Thanks to lifelong islander, Billy Market, for another upcoming Ullr Fest and these great past and present pictures. Put-in-Bay wants to say goodbye and let’s forget about the corona virus. What better way than a symbolic burning of the Covid?!?

Tuesday evening, Dec. 29th, at 6pm, we are planning on burning the Covid ball, a true “Covid Germ Burn”, in the waters between the Boardwalk and A Dock! It’s an unofficial islander winter tradition. Each year the “burn” is a little different, but we have seen everything from paper mache cows  to pigs burned in the past.

Ullr Fest 2020 Ullr Fest 2017 Ullr Fest 2012


The “Covid Germ Burn” will be a way for us to help put this past year behind us and hope for a better new season for everyone, as well as some good ice! There will be no food nor beverages provided. Just a simple sacrifice and if the winds cooperate, some Pyrotechnics!

It should be no more than a 20-25 minute ceremony. Sign up and LIKE US on Facebook and you can watch “the germ” being burned at 6pm… streamed LIVE from our Facebook page!!!

The Put-in-Bay "Covid Germ Burn"

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The Boardwalk, Bayview Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

Dec  29 , 2021

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