Wanted: Boat for Rent for 6/10-6/12

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Wanted: Boat for Rent for 6/10-6/12

Post by biggaust » Tue May 31, 2011 8:29 am

Hello everybody,

My friends and family have been going to PIB for over 30 years. This will be the first year that we don't have a boat to go on. My [banned], Bob Matis, who some of you might know, sold his boat 2 years ago. Since then, It's never been the same. He had a 1967 Steel Clipper named the [banned] Finale. I'm sure some of you have been on it. Anyways, a bunch of the regulars who we go with all reserved hotels. I've never stayed in a hotel at PIB but I know it can't be anything like the docks. My [banned], my uncle, and me are looking for 25-30 foot boat to rent so we can do it the right way at PIB. All I can seem to find on the web are pontoon boats for rent which will not work. If any of you have some advice or know a place that rents to people that are experienced and responsible boaters, please let me know. I don't want to have to give in and stay in the hotels!



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