Great PIB weekend August 10-12

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Great PIB weekend August 10-12

Post by PIBCarl » Tue Aug 14, 2012 1:57 pm

Not the same as MIlls great reports, but here goes:
Headed out of Cincy by 8:30 am on Friday to catch the Miller Ferry to PIB. Made it in time for the Noon ferry because traffic was light...a really good sign :)
Hit Pasquale's for lunch then checked into the best resort on the island for my money and immediately headed to the Tiki Bar, where we saw some folks who looked familiar. Sure enough, it was a group we had met several years ago and they were back on the same weekend. Our favorite bartender Andrea had the drinks flowing! Hit the pool and hot tub even though it was overcast and a tad breezy for the Mrs., who was a trouper the WHOLE WEEKEND. Drinks were flowing and met four ladies in town for the weekend and started partying with them.They were rockin' it.... Party went on all day and the sun even decided to come out! After about 6 hours of pool time, got ready and it Mossbacks for a burger (awesome) and then heard Bob Gatewood at the Fishbowl. Stuck around there for a while then hit the bed early because we knew what was coming on Saturday.....LOL

Saturday was more of the same...Windy and overcast, we rented a cart to do our annual tour of the island. Couldnt get Mrs. G up to the top of the monument though....after checking out the sights, it was back to the pool for the afternoon.... although the weather kept us in the hot tub for about 7 hours! Had a blast with Nicole, Ben and the girls. Mrs. G had a little too much fun (10 drinks will do that to ya LOL) and she and I caught a siesta before heading to a late dinner at Pasquales and over to the Boathouse to hear the Naked Karate Girls.

Sunday the sun finally came out, so it was more pool fun. Had a great breakfast at Blue Luna and then returned there later in the night to hear a great one man band on the piano, Tommy Lee Thompson. He was awesome. I love the Sunday night, smaller crowd....its like you own the island or something...

Packed our bags and headed home Monday morning.....until next year......I'll be missing the Island; my home away from home :)
PIB Rocks!

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