Bob Adamov: Put-in-Bay's Mystery Adventure Novelist!

Put-in-Bay Mystery/Adventure Novels Rekindle Fond Island Memories

When you think of Put-in-Bay mysteries, award-winning island author Bob Adamov quickly comes to mind. He fell in love with our island paradise when, as an 18-year-old, he visited the island for the first time. He became addicted to Put-in-Bay over the years. So, it was natural for him to base his 19 novels here.

Emerson Moore, the unyielding investigative reporter at the heart of the series, makes his home on East Point, sharing a residence with his Aunt Anne. His journey weaves through treacherous escapades and tangled affairs of the heart, set against a tapestry of scenic isles stretching from the Bass Islands to the southernmost point of Key West, and onward to the vibrant streets of Cuba, the serene shores of Chincoteague Island, and the tranquil sands of Holden Beach Island.

The narrative doesn’t stop there; it sweeps across the globe to the lavish French Riviera, the bustling markets of Morocco, the jazz-filled corners of New Orleans, the ancient allure of Bodrum in Turkey, the sun-kissed beaches of Rhodes, the historic grandeur of London, the rhythmic pulse of Jamaica, the timeless wonders of Egypt, and the glittering lights of Las Vegas.

Real-Life “Characters” Add Some Put-in-Bay Flair To The Fiction

Adamov’s novels feature a colorful cast of rowdy characters and settings that may feel quite familiar. He has a knack for weaving real-life figures into his tales, alongside well-known local spots like the Round House Bar, Pasquale’s, the Perry Monument, the Beer Barrel, The Keys, Boardwalk, the Shiphouse and Miller Ferry.

You’ll see real-life characters like Mike “Mad Dog” Adams, Bob Gatewood, Ray Fogg, Paul Jeris, Bryan Kasper, Jeff and Kendra Koehler, Brad Ohlemacher, and Billy and Julene Market. This blend of reality and fiction is a signature element of his storytelling, bringing a unique authenticity to his fictional world.

His first novel, Rainbow’s End, features Bryan Kasper’s famous Shiphouse as the villain’s lair. Two editions are available, including a Shiphouse Vodka collector’s edition.

Come to Put-in-Bay and see the sites from Adamov’s books in person! Here’s where we think you should stay!

Award-Winning Novels Featuring The Bay!

Adamov was named as Best Lake Erie Author in 2022 by Lake Erie Living magazine and as one of Publish Ohio’s favorite authors in 2020. He was the featured author at Key West’s 2006 Ernest Hemingway Literary Festival. Adamov’s novels also won awards at the Hollywood, London, New York, Great Midwest Book and Florida Book festivals plus the Indie Awards. Adamov has presented at several of the Clive Cussler Collectors Society conventions.

“Bob Adamov is a superb craftsman of hanging-on-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery adventures…” – Midwest Book Review

“… Adamov’s natural flair for originality and a narrative storytelling style that is laced with unexpected plot twists and turns that will keep and hold the reader’s fully entertained and rapt attention from cover to cover!” – Midwest Book Review

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Bob Adamov Biography And Contact Information

A Kent State University graduate, Adamov resides in Wooster, Ohio. He often can be seen in Put-in-Bay, Key West, Chincoteague Island, the Holden Beach area and the Cayman Islands with his scuba diving, boating and treasure hunting friends. He had worked for an Arlington, Virginia-based defense contractor in the intelligence sector. He is working on his 20th novel, Alone at Home, which will be released in the fall.

For more information or to have Adamov speak at your event, visit: or call: 330-289-7616. Follow Adamov on Facebook.

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