Put-in-Bay Taxis and Transportation

Transportation around Put-in-Bay Ohio is as easy as taking a taxi or renting a golf cart. It is always a good idea to plan your trip in advance and be prepared with a taxi phone number (419-285-5466). This is because when you get off the Miller Ferry or the Jet Express, the more expensive golf cart rentals at the ferry docks often sell out early on busy days.

After you complete your Put-in-Bay ferry ride across Lake Erie, take a taxi to your approved lodging to rent from the Put-in-Bay golf cart rental agency onsite at each! putinbay.com recommends the following taxi transportation companies to serve your needs while on your Put-in-Bay island adventure. Book your Put-in-Bay lodging and golf cart rental now before leaving Cleveland or Catawba, it’s not too late!

Island Club Taxi

Island Club Taxi

Island Club Taxi is available to answer all your questions and provide your transportation. We want your visit to be a pleasurable experience. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at reserve@putinbayreservations.com or phone at 419-285-5466 with any questions you may have about our taxi service and the island. Island Transportation Leaders: Island Club Taxi The Island Club Taxis will take you anywhere on the island for just $3. Heading to downtown Put-in-Bay from the Miller Ferry or the Jet... more information
Tony’s Taxi

Tony’s Taxi

Tony’s Taxi provides taxi transportation to visitors of Put-in-Bay. They can provide service from the Put-in-Bay Ferry Boats, Put-in-Bay Hotels and home rentals. Furthermore, they have access to the Island Club and Put-in-Bay Condos. The taxicabs for Tony’s are easy to spot. Just look for the big white vans with the red, white and blue color scheme. Drivers for Tony’s Taxi strive to ensure the passengers ride in safe, clean and reliable vehicles. Also, they want to make sure you... more information
Put-in-Bay Condos Taxi

Put-in-Bay Condos Taxi

The Put-in-Bay Condo Taxis understands the individual needs of Put-in-Bay visitors and locals alike. They are specialized to transport groups for parties, conventions, school groups, and business meetings. Put-in-Bay Condo Taxi also assists family reunions, bachelorettes, and tours. Often utilized for weddings, Put-in-Bay Condo Taxis transports the bridal party to and from the reception. There are a lot of wedding on the island! They pick up and drop off at both of the ferry docks as well. Coordinate your arrival... more information

Let’s Go For a Ride!

The above-recommended Taxis have been serving Put-in-Bay and South Bass Island year-round, seven days a week since 1997. They are proud members of the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, the taxi drivers volunteer their time to many worthwhile events on the island year-round and often live right on the island, or commute, boating over from Port Clinton. So when you make your Put-In-Bay Lodging Reservations, don’t forget to have a ride with us! We will pick up and take our guests to and from anywhere on the entire South Bass Island. Look for the bubble tops taxi vans when you arrive on a ferry service.

Each taxi company utilizes multiple 15 passenger vans making it the most convenient way to get around for large groups. Finding one is super easy. Just look for the famous Island Club Rentals logo, the Put-in-Bay Condos logo, or the new Tony’s Taxi insignia for the best put-in-bay taxis. All of their drivers are friendly, professional, in uniform, and on time. Most businesses and lodgings on the island will recommend that you leave your vehicle on the mainland at one of the ferries. This is due to limited parking on the island, especially down on Delaware Ave in the downtown area.

Taxis will meet you at the Put-in-Bay ferry boat of your choice to quickly get you to your destination. Call a few minutes before your boat docks to make a quick taxi reservation. The taxi drivers will handle all of your luggage and camping gear for you. Normal business hours are 7:00 AM to 3:00 AM, seven days a week, during the busy summer season.

Additionally, most of the taxis are open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays between Memorial Day and Labor Day, including all major three-day holiday weekends. We can confidently say that your Lake Erie Islands transportation needs will be met. More hours than the Tour Train and quickly go from a Put-in-Bay resort to one of the put-in-bay restaurants or put-in-bay lodging options.

Put-In-Bay Hotels, Resorts, and Homes Serviced by Put-in-Bay Taxis

  • Island Club
  • Put-in-Bay Condos
  • Birds Nest Resort
  • Put-In-Bay Resort and Conference Center
  • Islander Inn Put in Bay
  • Park Hotel Put-in-Bay
  • Bay Lodging Resort
  • Put-in-Bay Airport
  • Everywhere Else – the entire South Bass Island!

Put-in-Bay Taxis are Here For You!

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service.  More importantly, we take our passenger’s safety seriously using only late model vans.  Please consider using one of our approved Taxi services above. You won’t be disappointed. Make sure to bring some cash, as most do not accept credit cards.

Contact us via email reserve@putinbayreservations.com for further information regarding Island Club Taxis, Island Club Home Rentals, and Other Put-in-Bay lodging or call 419-285-5466. We can also assist with hotel and condo bookings, bachelorette parties, as well as for the entire Put-in-Bay, OH 43456 area.

Top 10 Put-in-Bay Transportation Questions

Can you take your car to Put-in-Bay?

Yes. The Miller Ferry allows you to bring your car over. During busy weekends expect a long line to bring your car over. The Jet Express only has space for passengers and bicycles. However, it is recommended to leave your car at the ferries. Once on the island parking is limited and the best way to get around is by golf cart rental or taxi.

Can you drive on Put-in-Bay?

Yes, you can drive your car on Put-in-Bay. You can also drive golf carts on the roads. So if you are planning to bring your car over and drive around Put-in-Bay, please be careful when passing golf carts and obey all traffic laws.

Is it worth bringing your car over to Put-in-Bay?

Based on previous experiences, it is NOT worth it to bring your car over to Put-in-Bay. Often times you will be stuck waiting for multiple ferries to pass before they can fit your car on. It is an extra $34 to bring your car over ($17 each way). In addition, parking at the restaurants and attractions is limited for larger vehicles.

How to get to Put-in-Bay?

In order to get to Put-in-Bay you will need take one of the two ferries, take you own boat up, or fly into the private Put-in-Bay airport.
The Jet Express offers a high-speed ferry leaving from downtown Port Clinton, Ohio and Sandusk. Both ferries will drop you off right in the downtown harbor of Put-in-Bay. The address for the Jet Express in Port Clinton is: 49 Jackson St., Port Clinton, OH 43452. The Sandusky address is: 101 W. Shoreline Dr., Sandusky, OH 44870.
The Miller Ferry is the only option when it comes to bringing your car over. The boat ride over to Put-in-Bay takes roughly 18 minutes and is the ferry that gets you there the fastest. The address to the Miller Ferry is: 5174 Water St, Port Clinton, OH 43452.

How do you get around on Put-in-Bay?

There are a few options when it comes to how to get around on Put-in-Bay. You can bring your car over and drive around on your own expense which is not recommended.
Golf cart rentals are the best way to get around. Golf cart rentals are available by the hour, day and some agencies offer overnight rentals. Parking is fairly easy to find for golf carts and is the best way to get around Put-in-Bay.
Taking Put-in-Bay taxi is also a very popular way to get around. For just $3 per person they will take you anywhere on the island you choose to go!

What is the Phone number for the Island Club Taxi?

To have an Island Club Taxi Pick you up anywhere on the island, Call (419)-285-5466. An Island Club Taxi driver will be there to pick up shortly after calling?

How much does a Put-in-Bay Taxi ride cost?

All Put-in-Bay taxi rides are $3 per person. Please keep in mind that all taxis are cash only and tips are greatly appreciated.

What are the Put-in-Bay Taxi hours of operation?

Island Club Taxi and Yellow Cab run 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That way no one has to worry about not getting to the ferries on time!

Can the Put-in-Bay taxi services accommodate large groups?

Yes, The Island Club Taxis have multiple vans in service at the same time. For larger groups call an Island Club Taxi at 419-285-5466. That way your group can go from point A to point B at once. Keep in mind each taxi can hold between 12-15 passengers. If your group is larger than 15 be sure to ask for multiple vans.

Is there really a tunnel to Put-in-Bay?

The answer to this question is no. The Put-in-Bay tunnel was an April fool’s joke that turned into the talk of the town. There was also no imaginary submarine that crashed into the imaginary Put-in-Bay tunnel.