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Golf Carts – Put-in-Bay Taxis

Transportation around Put-in-Bay Ohio is as easy as taking a taxi, renting a golf cart, or riding bicycles and mopeds.  It is always a good idea to plan your trip in advance and be prepared when you get off the Miller Ferry as golf cart rentals often sell out on busy days.

Once off you Put-in-Bay ferry ride across Lake Erie take a taxi downtown to rent from one the Put-in-Bay golf cart rental agencies!

PutinBay.com recommends the following transportation companies to serve your needs while on your Put-in-Bay island adventure. Book your Put-in-Bay lodging and golf cart rental now before it’s too late!

Golf Carts, Bicycles and Mopeds


Golf Carts are the primary method of transportation on South Bass Island. You can reach any island destination in just 10 minutes from any other place on the island, no matter where you are. Make sure you reserve your cart early at either Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot or Delaware Carts, to avoid waiting in line and possibly missing out on the chance to rent one. Both Golf Cart Rental agencies are conveniently located in downtown Put-in-Bay.

Both Golf Cart Depot and Delaware Cart Rentals’ golf carts are considered to be licensed motor vehicles on South Bass Island and driven on public roadways just as cars are. Be sure to have a valid driver’s license on all times.   4, 6 and 8 passenger golf carts are available for any sized group. All carts feature tops, windshields, headlights, taillights, turn signals and seat belts and are fully certified each year by the Put-in-Bay Police Dept.

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot rents by the hour, day or week and is one of the only golf cart rentals to offer overnight rentals on the island. Rental rates may change during weekends. All golf carts from Delaware Carts are gas models. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

There is a big reason why most Put-in-Bay visitors choose our gas-powered carts instead of the electric ones offered at the ferry docks. (1) Gas powered carts are faster! (2) Gas powered carts run for days on a tank of gas and not just hours (electric carts were only designed for a couple rounds of golf). (3) Gas powered carts do not get slower as the day goes on (electric golf carts gradually lose their charge thru the day).

Delaware Golf Cart Rentals

Delaware Carts rents by the hour or day as well as all week and is popular because it offers both gas and electric cart. Our 4 and 6-person golf carts are your passport for overnight and weekend or all week-long rentals. We have a newer fleet of Yamaha golf carts ready to take to from your favorite Put-in-Bay hotel to the best Put-in-Bay attractions. Other golf cart rentals on the island use brands like Club Car and Ez-go.

Our 2-person electric carts are a fun and quick way for couples to cruise the island for the day. If you’re bringing the kids, our 4-seat electric will be a big hit also. Our carts are super safe with retractable seat belts to keep your precious cargo safe and secure.

Delaware Carts offer bike rentals and is also home to Island Moped Rental, the island’s only moped rental agency. Located at 266 Delaware Ave, they are just a short walk from the Jet Express and just an Island Club Taxi ride from the car ferry.

Plan Ahead!

Reservations are highly recommended and may be made by visiting or calling:
Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot – https://www.putinbaygolfcartdepot.com/ – 419-779-5147
Delaware Cart Rentals – http://www.putinbaygolfcarts.com/ – 419-285-2724

Put in Bay Taxi Service and Group Transportation

Island Club Taxi


Island Club Taxis is available to answer all your questions and provide your transportation. We want your visit to be a pleasurable experience. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at reserve@putinbayreservations.com or PHONE at 419-285-5466 with any questions you may have about our taxi service and the island.

Island Transportation Leaders: Island Club Taxi

The Island Club Taxis will take you anywhere on the island for just $3. Heading to downtown Put-in-Bay from the Miller Ferry or the Jet Express to your Put-in-Bay hotel? The Island Club Taxis will be there waiting for you! Island Club Taxis offer the convenience of not having to worry about a Put-in-Bay golf cart rental or any parking issues.  The taxis will take you to and from anywhere on Put-In-Bay Ohio!

We are available to assist you with all your transportation needs while visiting Put-in-Bay. During the busy summer months, Island Club Taxis are ready to pick up large groups and take you anywhere on the entire South Bass Island. The Island Club Taxis are the only taxi service able to drop off guests staying at an Island Club Rental or at the Put-in-Bay Condos by the Put-in-Bay airport.  All other Taxi services will need to drop you off at the entrance instead of your doorstep.

We Do it All!

Island Club Taxis specializes in weddings, conventions, groups, school groups, business meetings, family reunions, and tours. We offer DISCOUNTED RATES to groups! Island Club Taxis and our other island business partners can assist your event.  Island Club Taxi is the best provider in the Lake Erie Islands!

These include wedding and reception location and arrangements, lodging and much more. Let us do the planning for you and make your event worry free!

Let’s Go For a Ride!

Island Club Taxis have been serving Put-in-Bay and South Bass Island year-round, seven days a week since 1997. We are proud members of the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce.  Moreover, the drivers volunteer time to many worthwhile events on the island year-round.  So when you make your Put-In-Bay Reservations, don’t forget you have a ride with us!

Island Club Taxis utilizes multiple 15 passenger vans.  Finding us is easy.  Just look for our famous Island Club logo.  Our drivers are friendly, professional, and in uniform. All businesses on the island will recommend that you leave your vehicle in Catawba at one of the ferries.  This is due to limited parking on the island.

Island Club Taxis will meet you at the Put-in-Bay ferry boat of your choice.  We will handle all of your luggage and camping gear for you. Our normal business hours are 7:00 AM to 3:00 AM, seven days a week during season.

Additionally, we are open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays between Memorial Day and Labor Day, including all major three-day holiday weekends.

Put-In-Bay Hotels, Resorts and Homes We Service

  • Island Club
  • Put-in-Bay Condos
  • Birds Nest Resort
  • Put-In-Bay Resort and Conference Center
  • Islander Inn Put in Bay
  • ​Park Hotel Put-in-Bay
  • Bay Lodging Resort
  • Everywhere Else!

Island Club Taxi is Here For You!

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service.  More importantly, we take our passengers safety seriously.  Please consider using Island Club Taxi.  You won’t be disappointed.

Contact us via email reserve@putinbayreservations.com for further information regarding Island Club Taxis, Island Club Home Rentals and Other Put-in-Bay lodging or call 419-285-5466.