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June Front Page News – Put-in-Bay Graduates 6!

June Front Page News – Put-in-Bay Graduates 6! 01 Jun, 20

The Put-in-Bay High School Class of 2020 were treated to a celebratory joyride around the island in these classic 1970s Cadillacs on May 29th. Left to right are Cecilia Glauser, Hannah Lentz, Morgan Stacy, Carin Kirsch, Alexandra Knauer and Joseph Byrnes. Since the students normal graduation ceremony wasn’t able to take place due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Put-in-Bay School leaders and community members arranged a graduation parade for the students in DeRivera Park. Students lined up with their families and... more information
Put-in-Bay Island Diary: May 2020

Put-in-Bay Island Diary: May 2020 01 Jun, 20

Photo: Employees at Mr. Ed’s and Cameo Pizza via Brian Cultice // Put-in-Bay Gazette Fri., May 1st – The Put-in-Bay Gazette April issue is printed in the morning. You’ll notice a new outdoor newspaper rack outside the Island General Store since customers can no longer enter the store. Ted McCann (PIBHS Class of 1981) and his wife Betsy enjoy an island walk after dinner time. Just before 9 p.m. the harbor is lit with a fireworks display. A baby owl... more information
About the Put-in-Bay Gazette

About the Put-in-Bay Gazette 29 May, 20

The Put-in-Bay Gazette is the only current local newspaper for Put-in-Bay, Ohio, and also the Bass Islands in Lake Erie. You will find information about many of the Bass Islands and their happenings. Look for the Gazette in newspaper stands around the Bass Islands, and on the mainland in Catawba, Port Clinton and Marblehead. About Us – Our Story Since 1980, the Put-in-Bay Gazette Newspaper has been bringing South Bass Island residents their local news and visitors enjoy reading the... more information
Put-in-Bay Gazette Advertising Rates

Put-in-Bay Gazette Advertising Rates 29 May, 20

There have been many island papers over the years. But currently, the Put-in-Bay Gazette is the only local newspaper for Put-in-Bay, Ohio, and the Bass Islands in Lake Erie. You can find news stands in Catawba, Marblehead, Port Clinton, and various places in the Bass Islands. Advertising rates cover all locations. The Gazette viewership is spread throughout the entire Lake Erie region and beyond but our advertising rates still remain low. In fact, over recent years, there are now subscribers... more information
Put-in-Bay and Covid-19

Put-in-Bay and Covid-19 20 May, 20

Brought to you by the editors of The Put-in-Bay Gazette. Monthly subscriptions to the Gazette can be purchased online at putinbay.news. Only $15 for online subscriptions and $25 for print subscriptions. Put-in-Bay and Covid-19 The Lake Erie Islands may be offshore from mainland Ohio and the rest of the country, but, nonetheless, our small island community is feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic even with no reported cases so far. So far, the islands have been a safe haven... more information
Ten Things You May Not Know About the Lake Erie Islands

Ten Things You May Not Know About the Lake Erie Islands 20 May, 20

1. South Bass Island was once known as Ross Island. 2. Indian burial sites have been found on the islands. 3. The first grapes were planted on the Lake Erie Islands in the 1850s. 4. After the War of 1812, a survey team was sent out to survey the Lake Erie islands to establish boundaries for the Treaty of Ghent which ended the war. 5. If you extended the Airport Rd. heading from the Lime Kiln Dock to where it... more information