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Miller Ferry to Put-in-Bay

Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry Put-in-Bay

The Miller Ferry boat service offers transport to South Bass and Middle Bass Island from their Port Clinton Ohio dock.  This ferry can accommodate a vehicle, passengers, a trailer and more.  Much of the supplies that keep our small island running are hauled by the Miller Ferry. In the winter, the essential items such as mail and milk come by airplane.

The ferry boat service generally runs from late March or Early April until December or January.  Ice formation and the weather dictates how long they can operate and when they open for the season. Almost every Put-in-Bay resort, hotel, condo, and home rental annually opens and closes on the same schedule.

Once at the Lime Kiln Dock on Put-In-Bay, guests can step off the ferry and walk directly to a golf cart rental location.  Here, guests can rent a golf cart to see the island.  See the view from different sides of the island and take in the quaint island charm. You can even see the brand new Put-in-Bay Condos right on the water near the ferry dock as you get close to the island.

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Throughout the season, there are many great Put-In-Bay Events and Festivals.  Fortunately, the Miller Ferry is ready to be your link to the Lake Erie Islands.  At peak times the ferry boat is running every half hour.  So, guests have ample opportunity to come and go as they please.  Additionally, the Miller Ferry service has a reasonable fare, making it easier to afford for the whole family.

(800) 500-2421

5174 Water St, Port Clinton, OH 43452, USA

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