OUR MISSION AT putinbay.com…

To be the clear leader in digital assets for all things Put-in-Bay.



To form a group of dedicated businesses with the goal of promoting the island of Put-in-Bay.

To do that in a consistent family-oriented ethical way while working with the Chamber of Commerce, the guidelines and supervision of the Safe Island Task Force, and under the supervision of its members.

To present Put-in-Bay in a uniform, united front using the combined talents of the various businesses involved.

To develop combined platforms that present a branded image of the present and future of our Island Home.

To enhance the digital footprint and Internet Standards of each and every member.

To truly build the vision of One Island One Voice and bring the many voices together as an orchestra.



Each member must be a member in good standing of the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce.

Each member must abide by a standard of promotion monitored and approved by the board.

Each member must agree to a review of their standards by the Safe Island Task Force and the Board of Directors.

Each member and the site itself must be open to input and discussion to the community including government, community organizations, and fellow members.



Paul Jeris
Ed Fitzgerald
Brad Ohlemacher