The Miller Ferry has released their 2024 schedule, which you can find below. We’ve left the Jet Express’ 2023 schedule up so you can get an idea of their typical service, in advance of the release of their 2024 schedule.

Miller Ferry 2024 Schedule

Jet Express 2023 Schedule

Put-in-Bay Ferry

Ferry Boat service to Put-In-Bay Island gets you there and the good times rolling. The leisurely cruise across Lake Erie transports passengers to all the fun Things to Do in Put-in-Bay, from the delectable restaurants to the relaxing paddleboarding.

So, check below to learn more about getting here.

Jet Express

Jet Express

Jet Express Put-in-Bay Ferry We are awaiting the release of the 2024 Jet Express schedule. We’ll post it here when we’ve got it! In the meantime, we’ve left the 2023 schedule up so you can get an idea of what Jet Express’ seasonal service is typically like. 2023 Jet Express Schedule The Jet Express is a passenger boat providing service to South Bass Island and Kelleys Island.  The boat leaves port from the jet express dock located in Port Clinton... more information
Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry to Put-in-Bay Miller Ferry 2024 Schedule   Miller Ferry – Put-in-Bay’s Ferry Transportation Provider The Miller Ferry boat service offers transport to South Bass and Middle Bass Island from their Port Clinton, Ohio dock.  This ferry can accommodate vehicles, passengers, trailers and more.  Much of the supplies that keep our small island running are hauled by the Miller Ferry. In the winter, the essential items such as mail and milk come by airplane to our beloved South Bass Island.... more information
Sonny S Inter-Island Ferry

Sonny S Inter-Island Ferry

The Sonny-S is the only ferry between Middle Bass Island and Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island). During the summer season it departs every hour on the half hour from Middle Bass and every hour on the hour from Put-in-Bay. Dates are usually from Mid-May through Mid-September. You can find more information about the Sonny S Ferry on more information

Boat Rides to Put-in-Bay

When people think about their Put-in-Bay vacation, they don’t often think much about the ferry rides. But think about some of the great getaways that you’ve been on in your life. Some of the most memorable moments can occur on the journey to and from. The round trip ferry boat rides to and from Put-in-Bay are no exception. For many family visits, it’s the first time the kids have ever been in a mode of transport on the water. Your kids will marvel at the views, watch and feel the mist spray out from the sides of the ferry, and observe the seagulls queuing up in the wake. To this day, even with all the great Put-in-Bay attractions on the island, the ferry ride remains one of the favorite things about Put-in-Bay.

The Miller Ferry runs a daily schedule in the summer usually from about 7 AM to 8 PM. If you need to get to or from the island later than that, you’ll need to take the Jet Express passenger ferry. The Jet Express runs late-night boats later than other ferries on any given day. Schedules for the ferries are available on the respective ferry websites so be sure to take a look at the schedule before you visit Put-in-Bay. Make sure to Download a Put-in-Bay Island Guide and bring it with you!

Put-in-Bay Ferries Pricing

The most important factor’s about the Jet Express to remember is that they cannot transport vehicles, however, they run much later. If you would like a vehicle on the island you can get a Put-in-Bay golf cart rental. The Jet is the pricier option of the two, just under $20 per person each way. A children’s ticket is less than $10. In exchange for this expense, The Jet Express offers some amenities that the other Put-in-Bay ferry does not. The Miller Ferry has different rates for vehicles based on size, and a lower passenger fee at just $7 or $8 per person each way.
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Most visitors opt to rent a Put-in-Bay golf cart once they reach the island anyway. All lodging partners found on have golf cart rentals on-site so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or condo. Enjoy the island at your own pace; no car, truck, or SUV required.

Put-in-Bay Ferry Comparison

The Jet Express has cushioned individual seats. They also have employees on hand to help with luggage. If you want to get a jump start on your Put-in-Bay fun weekend, you will find a bar on the mainland side of the Jet for a pre-ferry cocktail. The Miller Ferry has a small enclosed cabin with seating as well as ample outside seating to enjoy the fresh air. No open alcoholic beverages are allowed onboard.

The Jet Express departs from both Port Clinton and Sandusky on the mainland, with the trip to the island being 25 and 45 minutes respectively. Directions to both of these docks can be found on the Jet Express website. The Miller Ferry departs from the end of Catawba Island and takes about 28 minutes each way.

Both ferry docks are serviced by Put-in-Bay Taxis that will help get you from the dock to your house, hotel, condo, or resort quickly and safely. Taxi rides on the island are generally $3 per person to go from dock to lodging, and the same when it is time to return to the ferry at the end of your vacation.

Getaway to the Bay

Visit the JetBar before hopping on the Jet Express to get your game on. Or take a quick walk up to the Catawba Inn if you are waiting for the Miller Ferry. The bottom line is both of these ferries have been in action for a long time, and do what they do very well. Regulars know all the ins and outs of where to park and what times are best to arrive. Either way, at the end of the journey, is the crown jewel of the Lake Erie Islands… Put-in-Bay Ohio!

Either way, you get here, after a visit to South Bass Island (aka Put-in-Bay), you may feel like you didn’t get the full experience in just one day with all of the Put-in-Bay activities. In that case, make sure to check out our lodging options. You can book a Put-in-Bay resort, hotel, condo, or home rental, but make sure you book sooner rather than later. Weekends fill up fast in the summer and you don’t want to miss out! The faster you book, the faster you can get on a Put-in-Bay ferry!

Frequently Asked Ferry Questions

Can you bring your car to Put-in-Bay?

​Although it’s not recommended, you can bring your car to Put-in-Bay. The only ferry that has the capacity for both vehicle and passenger service is the Miller Ferry. Boats tend to run every half hour. Click here to see the full schedule of the Miller Ferry.

Where are the Miller Ferry and Jet Express located?

The Miller Ferry is located on Catawba Island just off of State Route 53. The physical address of the ferry dock is 5174 Water St, Port Clinton, OH 43452.  Once there you can enjoy free parking if you are leaving your car on the mainland.

How far is the Miller Ferry from Cleveland?

The Miller Ferry is located 80 miles away from downtown Cleveland, Ohio. If you are driving to the Miller Ferry, the best way to get there is by taking I90 to State Route 2. The address to the Miller Ferry is 5174 Water St, Port Clinton, OH 43452.

Is there ferry transportation between the other Lake Erie Islands?

Yes, the Miller Boat line offers service from Catawba to Middle Bass Island and South Bass Island (Put-in-Bay). The Jet Express offers transportation to both Put-in-Bay and Kelley’s Island. The Put-in-Bay ferry leaves from Port Clinton Ohio and arrives at the downtown Put-in-Bay harbor. The Jet Express ferry with service to Kelley’s Island leaves from Sandusky Ohio. The Sonny S ferry offers a ferry service between Middle Bass and South Bass.