Put In Bay Last Minute Lodging

Join our last minute lodging and Put-in-Bay specials list to be informed of any weekend cancellations or promotions. Be the first to hear of any open rooms on a busy weekend and be the first to call in and reserve it! The sooner you call the sooner you can get on a Put-in-Bay ferry!

Get Last Minute Lodging Deals First

Last-minute hotel deals were once hard to come by, but no longer. Thanks to major advancements in both booking and inventory technologies, Put-in-Bay hotels can be much smarter about how they manage their rooms on a nightly basis. The result? Many of those efficiencies get passed on to our guests.

Not only are guests now able to wait until the eleventh hour to book their vacation getaway, but these lodging partners will actually reward you for doing so.

Why would you ever plan ahead again?