Do you want to own a piece of paradise?

Is Put-in-Bay real estate one of your dreams?

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Make your dreams a reality and let them come true. The ability to become a property owner on South Bass Island has never been more promising. With excellent Vacation Rental locations like the Island Club and brand new Put-in-Bay Condos, you’ll have a place to call home on the island. At the same time, your guests will assist in helping pay for the real estate dream.

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Investment property is the name of the game at Put-in-Bay Ohio.

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Put-in-Bay Condos Real Estate

Put-in-Bay Condos Real Estate

Put-in-Bay Condos Real Estate Wake up lakefront with views that will astound you.  The Put-In-Bay Condos on Trimotor Dr are one of the premier addresses on the island.  Furthermore, the rental potentials will leave you wondering what you waited for!  The time is now to get your own Condos real estate and vacation rental with an unbeatable lakeview.  You and yours can enjoy the breath-taking views while renting to off-set the costs of ownership. Onsite, owners and guests alike can... more information
Island Club Real Estate

Island Club Real Estate

The island is the perfect place to unwind and getaway from the stresses of everyday life.  Taking part in great events, enjoying the great entertainment and becoming a part of the PIB community make this the place to be.  Owning a home in the Island Club gives the opportunity to take part in these things, while the home working for you.  So, if you are looking for homes for sale on Put-In-Bay, look no further! The Island Club is on... more information
Bolte Real Estate – Call Corky

Bolte Real Estate – Call Corky

Looking to buy or sell a home in Tennessee? Look no further than the expert services of a licensed real estate agent. A good real estate agent can make all the difference when it comes to finding the right property, negotiating a fair deal, and navigating the complex process of buying or selling a home. For top-notch real estate services in Tennessee, turn to the experienced team at Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, their team... more information

Real Estate Options

Here are a few of your options:

  • Put-in-Bay
  • Middle Bass Island
    • St. Hazards has homes and condos for sale
    • HER Realtors – View Local Real Estate Listings

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About Put-in-Bay

Put in Bay, Ohio, is a great place to enjoy, live, visit, or invest in. From its variety of attractions, enormous popularity, and quiet winter months, to the varied, affordable real estate, summer events, and beauty, this Lake Erie island has something for everyone! Young to old, close to far, couples to groups.

One of the best parts of it all is that all the attractions are located on an island! Some say one of the best attractions is riding the Put-in-Bay ferry boats that travel across Lake Erie from their ports in Catawba and Port Clinton. Put-in-Bay is one of the few places where you can drive a golf cart legally on the road just like a car!

Top 10 Put-in-Bay Real Estate Questions