Put-in-Bay Winter Ice Fishermen & Visitor Availability Request

Use the form below to request more information about winter availability or call 419-285-7427 during normal business hours. Thank you for considering one of our fine heated condos in the Lake Erie Bass Islands for your winter lodging needs.

Fill the form below to find out more info on Ice Fishing Tours and a few pictures of what to look forward to on your Put-in-Bay Ice Fishing Expedition with Lake Erie Ice Charters. Call 419-341-3642 for more winter Ice Fishing information.

    Lake Erie Ice Charters - 419-341-3642

    The season is over in the winter, but many of the island’s residents stay on South Bass Island during the ice months. They are not alone. Ice fishermen are making their way over by air or by sea for what has become the island’s one winter industry.

    Winter is Different

    Many guests have visited Perry’s Monument or just gone to Put-In-Bay to have a wild summer fling see the place as a wild hive of tourists. But on Thanksgiving, the downtown is deserted. Most of the bars, restaurants and gift shops are boarded up. All the kids’ playground equipment and picnic tables are broken down and piled up for the long winter.

    Not a soul is on the streets, even though some Christmas lights are out. Just one restaurant, the market and wine store are open for business and few cars are parked outside. The Island Club and Put-in-Bay Condos are closed up and winterized. Even the police force is reduced.