Put-in-Bay Attractions & Things To Do

Put-in-Bay Ohio Island Attractions and Things to Do offer a guest a chance to visit an Ohio State Park, tour a history museum and view Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial.  All of this while riding around on the best way to see Put in Bay, on a golf cart rental!

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot

For a full range of options in the best way to get around South Bass Island, visit Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals. Located right on Catawba Avenue in the heart of downtown, Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals offer both online and phone reservations. Golf carts are a Put-in-Bay tradition which means they can be scarce in the summer season. Make sure to reserve a cart as soon as possible. Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals Details Rentals begin the warmer starting in April and... more information
Benson Ford Ship House

Benson Ford Ship House

The Benson Ford Ship House is located in Put-in-Bay, Ohio on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. This unique home is a magnificent four-story vacation home owned by Bryan Kasper and family. The Ship House was once the forecastle of a huge cargo ship created for Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company, hauling iron ore around the Great Lakes. Now, it is a breathtaking scenic getaway and a must see family attraction on any visit to the Lake Erie... more information
Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial Towering 352 feet in the air, Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial is a powerful testament to everlasting peace and friendship between nations. Built in 1915, this massive Doric column recently underwent a series of repairs in 2009 and reopened in 2012. The national monument is an iconic building well-known throughout the Great Lakes region in Ohio and the United States.  Perry’s Monument symbolizes American tradition and respect for our country’s history. Perry’s Victory... more information
Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center

Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center

Take a tour of one of Put-in-Bay's most well known historical attractions. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry discovered Perry's Cave on South Bass Island during the War of 1812 more information
Put-in-Bay Winery

Put-in-Bay Winery

Located at the Doller House Estate, Put-in-Bay Winery is one of the islands periment wineries. With a full range of offerings, this winery is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon during a summer on Put-in-Bay. Put-in-Bay Winery Details Founded in 2009, Put-in-Bay winery includes a winery exhibition, a wine garden, and store. The winery is committed to educating their visitors on their wines and the winemaking process in general. The wine tours and exhibitions are informative and enjoyable. How... more information
Tour Train

Tour Train

Tour Put-in-Bay the most fun way possible, with the Put-in-Bay Tour Train. This bright and cheery train choo-choos throughout the entire island, passing all the best attractions along the way. The open air trolley makes it easy to take in those lake breezes and sunny summer days on this one hour guided tour. Boarding the Tour Train Purchase tickets at the Downtown Bus terminal at the corner of Delaware and Toledo Avenue. This is right in the heart of downtown... more information
Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals

Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals

Put-in-Bay is such a special destination for many reasons. Lake Erie is without a doubt one of the biggest draws and Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals allows multiple ways to get into the water! They rent top quality crafts for all types of interests and skill levels. Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals Details In operation since 1992, Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals is located on the dock in South Bass Island State Park. This charming park can be found on the southern end of the island... more information
The Butterfly House at Put-in-Bay

The Butterfly House at Put-in-Bay

The Butterfly House is truly special. Every visit to Put-in-Bay should include a stop here This peaceful oasis in the midst of Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center is full of beautiful butterflies, lush greenery, and soothing music. The Butterfly House Details Visitors are invited to stroll along gorgeous pathways full of beautiful plants and discover secret passageways. Opened in 2004, this 4000 sq foot aviary houses over 50 species of butterflies from all over the world. Keep an eye... more information
South Bass Island Lighthouse at Put-in-Bay

South Bass Island Lighthouse at Put-in-Bay

Greeting visitors on the southern point of the island, the South Bass Island Lighthouse was first lit in 1897. An important part of Put-in-Bay’s history, the lighthouse is much the same as it was when it was first built. South Bass Island Lighthouse Tours Operated by the Ohio Sea Grant, the South Bass Lighthouse is open for tours on select dates from June-October. Group tours can be scheduled from April – November by contacting the Stone Lab Bayview office. Before... more information

With so many great Things to Do, the toughest part is choosing which ones to do!  So, go ahead and browse all of the fun things. From a mini golf course to a Lake Erie Bass fishing charter, there’s an island attraction for everyone.  Put-In-Bay is the perfect getaway from it all!

Island Attractions of Put-in-Bay offer guests a chance to live the island life.  Visitors can expect a wide range of fun activities for the entire family.  Additionally, adult oriented events will provide a fun respite for parents.  Hop on the Jet Express or Miller Ferry and set your watch to Island Time!

Put in Bay Ohio Things to Do  for Kids

island attractions

Island Attractions for Kids

he island is home to many great attractions for kids.  There are things to do of all ages and abilities.  The following are excellent Put-in-Bay Attractions and Things to Do for families.

  • Adventure Bay
    • Here, guests can choose from many fun things to do.  This includes a swimming pool, arcade, watersports, batting cages and a go-kart track.  This family fun hotspot is located across the street from the Bayshore Resort Put-In-Bay.
  • Crystal Cave
    • Located at Heineman’s Winery, this interesting cave is home to some of the largest crystals found anywhere.  Years ago these crystals were mined to produce fireworks.  Today, visitors can tour the cave and partake in a wine tasting.  What’s not to like?
  • DeRivera Park
    • A waterfront park located in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay.  Multiple playgrounds for kids of all ages welcomes the little ones.  Picnic and grill areas provide an area for rest and relaxation.  Ice Cream at the Candy Bar is nearby!
  • Kayak the Bay
    • Guests can see the Lake Erie Islands from a great perspective, from the water.  Paddle around the rocky shoreline of Putinbay and take in the sights.  Also, see other boaters and jet skis coming into the harbor.
  • Kimberly’s Carousel
    • This Allen Herschel vintage carousel can be found on Delaware Ave in downtown Put-In-Bay.  Listen for the lighthearted melodies and head over for a blast from the past.  Afterwards, stop by the adjacent Candy Bar for some sweet treats.

So Much for the Kids!

  • Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum
    • Learn about the history of Put-In-Bay and the Lake Erie Islands.  Here, guests can find informative displays and programs aimed at preserving and teaching the history of our Great Lake Erie.  Also, a Resale Shop is located in the rear for those ready for a treasure hunt.
  • Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center
    • This island favorite features several different great activities.  Mini golf, Gemstone Mining, rock wall, the Butterfly House, Antique Car Museum, Fort Amaze’n and Cave Tours are just some of the attractions here.  Also, this a favorite stop of the PIB Tour Train.
  • Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial
    •  This excellent United States National Park pays homage to Oliver Hazard Perry.  Step inside the visitor center and learn about the Battle of Lake Erie and Perry’s Victory.  This battle was pivotal in the War of 1812.  Then, buy a ticket and head to the top to take in views from the observation deck.
  • Put-In-Bay Beaches
    • Put-In-Bay is home to a mostly rugged, rocky shoreline.  However, there are two main beaches where swimmers can cool off.  First, the beach at South Bass Island State Park is nice.  Here, there is a large rocky beach, playground, picnic areas and more.  Secondly, there is a bathing beach at the end of Delaware Ave in downtown Put-In-Bay.
  • Put-in-Bay Parasail
    • Get high and go parasailing.  From this great viewpoint, guests can get exceptional views of Put-In-Bay and the surrounding Lake Erie Islands.  Don’t forget to get some great pictures of this unique experience.

So Many Things to Do in Put-in-Bay!

With so many things to do and great sightseeing in Put-in-Bay, staying overnight at a Put-In-Bay Resort or home gives guest the most time to explore South Bass Island attractions. Try out some of the Put-in-Bay restaurants, bars, and shops while you enjoy the island experience.  Go kayaking and see Gibraltar Island up close.  Moreover, guests will be able to fully immerse in the Lake Erie life and island living at a Put-In-Bay Hotel.

So, set sail from Catawba or Port Clinton Ohio for a great island attraction.  Check out the island golf course, enjoy some water sports, learn at a history or chocolate museum or traverse to the top of our National Park Perry Monument.

No matter the choice, the outcome is the same: lots of fun!  So, be sure to look over all of our great offerings. The best way to get around to all the Put-in-Bay attractions is by golf cart or a Put-in-Bay taxi.

Top 10 Things to Do on Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay Things to Do

Put-In-Bay Things to Do

1. Go up to the Observation Deck of Perry’s Victory Monument

2. Get high with Put-In-Bay Parasail, right next to the Boardwalk

3. Swim at the Beach at South Bass Island State Park

4. Rent a Put-In-Bay Golf Cart and Explore the island.

5. Take a Helicopter Tour from the Put-In-Bay Airport

6. Play a round of miniature golf at the War of 18 Holes.

7. Sip Wine at Heineman’s Winery or the Put-In-Bay Winery

8. Explore the beautiful grounds at the South Bass Island Lighthouse

9. Ride a Jet Ski from Put-In-Bay Watercraft Rentals

10. Feel like a Cleveland Indian hitting balls at Adventure Bay batting cages

Put in Bay, What’s in a Name?

There are several theories as to how the island got its name.  First, it has been suggested the island is shaped like a pudding sack.  Over time the pudding evolved into put in.  Secondly, others have suggested it has been derived from the Native Americans.  They were reported to make a trip to South Bass to “put in at the bay.” It is believed to be a part of some sort of ceremonial happening.  Besides many wondering how the island got its name, there is also another quirky tidbit, the spelling.  There are several iterations of the Put-In-Bay name.  Check below to see if you recognize some of the other versions of PIB.

  • Put-in-Bay
  • Put in Bay
  • Putinbay
  • Put n Bay
  • Putnbay
  • Puttin Bay
  • Pudding Bay
  • Putin Bay (for our Russian friends!)

Research and Reserve Put in Bay Places to Stay

Put-In-Bay island is a great place to visit.  Fortunately, there is a wide range of great lodging options.  So, be sure to look through our impressive hospitality partners and find the right fit for your group. The sooner you book, the sooner you can get on a Put-in-Bay ferry from Sandusky.  The time is now to put an island in your life!

Top 10 Put-in-Bay Things To Do Questions

What is there to do in Put-in-Bay?

So much that you’ll have a hard time fitting it all into one trip! Put-in-Bay has a little something for everyone, from boutique shopping to incredible dining, from hiking trails to live music. And don’t forget about Put-in-Bay’s nightlife, which is famous throughout the Midwest! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you like, you will find something new just for you at the Bay!

How much does it cost to get into Put-in-Bay?

While there is no admission fee to come to the island itself, you will have to pay to ride the ferry to come over to the island. There are two main ferries to Put-in-Bay, the Miller Ferry and the Jet Express. The Miller Ferry is the less expensive of the two options at $7.50 per adult. For the extra cost of riding The Jet Express, you get a few extra amenities such as: an enclosed air conditioned cabin, a secured parking lot mere feet away from the boarding area, a tiki bar onsite for pre-ferry drinks, and a convenient downtown dock to disembark. The Miller Ferry disembarks at the southern tip of South Bass Island and you will need to catch a taxi to get downtown.

Do bands play on the island?

You bet! Put-in-Bay is home to live music at many of the downtown bars! This is one of the things that Put-in-Bay is most well known for. It used to be that you could walk down a city street on a nice summer night and hear live music coming from most of the bars, but that’s not the case in most parts of America anymore. Put-in-Bay retains this spirit, and you will see just how much it can add to your night out when you take a stroll in downtown Put-in-Bay!

Things to do with kids on Put-in-Bay?

There are many family friendly attractions at Put-in-Bay. A couple of the most popular are the Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center and Adventure Bay. Adventure Bay is home to an arcade as well as a go-kart track. Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center is home to a rock climbing wall, a life sized maze, the Butterfly House and putt-putt, but the centerpiece is the cave itself, an underground cave with a lake located 5 stories below the surface!

What is the best Put-in-Bay Attraction?

There is no *best* Put-in-Bay attraction, but there are a ton of amazing things to see and do packed into our little island. However, our most iconic attraction is definitely the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, which you may also hear called Perry’s Monument or just “the monument.” Standing 352-feet tall, it is the fourth tallest monument in America. Considering it’s situated on an island a mere 3 square miles large, you could say it stands out! The lines can get a little long on occasion, but it’s worth the wait to get to the top when you see that view!

How much are the tickets to go to the top of Perry’s Monument?

It costs $10 per adult to go to the top of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. The monument is part of the National Park Service, so NPS passes such as the Annual Pass and Season Pass are accepted here. Please check with the Monument Visitors Office for any fees and hours changes.

Where can I find an ATM on Put-in-Bay?

There are a few ATMs on the island. Some of the most easily accessible include the changing house at DeRivera Park, the corner of Tippers and Beer Barrel, inside of Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grill, and next to the Biergarten (formerly the Park Drive-Thru).

Are there public swimming pools on the island?

Yes! Some of the most popular spots on the island, in fact, are the swim-up pool bars like MIST Pool Bar and Splash. You do need to be 21 or over to go to these pools because even if you do not drink, you will be ID’d upon entry into the pool area.

When do the bars close at Put-in-Bay?

Last Call at Put-in-Bay bars is at 2 AM per State of Ohio liquor laws. However, during the pandemic, the Governor of Ohio has enacted a regulation forcing a temporary closing time of 10 PM for alcohol sales and 11 PM for the consumption of those drinks.

Where is the Butterfly House?

The Butterfly House is located at the Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center, across the street from Heineman’s Winery. Encompassing 4,000 square feet, you can see over 50 species of butterflies flying through the air and learn more about them!