Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals

Golf Cart Depot : 419-779-5147

Welcome to Put-in-Bay Ohio! Put-in-Bay, also known as South Bass Island, allows Put-in-Bay golf cart rentals to be driven on the island streets. With the island being located just an hour away from Cleveland, it sees hundreds of thousands of visitors each year eager to set their watches back to island time and enjoy the “Key West of the North”.


Put-in-Bay Condos Golf Cart Rental

Put-in-Bay Condos Golf Cart Rental

Put-in-Bay Condo Golf Cart Rentals Click here to book now! Carts for rent to Put-in-Bay Condos guests only! The Put-in-Bay Condos not only offers the best place to stay on the island, they also have the best Put-in-Bay golf carts.  Guests staying at the Put-in-Bay condos and Island Club Rentals have access to these private golf cart rentals.  Furthermore, the golf carts are in mint condition to ensure that guests staying at the condos are well taken care of. Rates vary from... more information
Golf Cart Depot

Golf Cart Depot

Call 419-779-5147 to Reserve a Golf Cart Depot! The Golf Cart Depot has carts available during the warmer summer months of the year. We have high quality brand new Yamaha Golf Carts that rent out hourly, daily, and overnight. With more than 9 miles of paved mostly flat roadways, riding a cart is a fun, easy way to explore the Village of Put-in-Bay and the rest of South Bass Island.  You can get here via taxi from either of the Put-in-Bay ferries.... more information
Island Club Golf Carts

Island Club Golf Carts

 Island Club Golf Carts Carts for rent to Island Club guests only! On the island of Put in Bay Ohio, the principal method of transportation to get around the island is a golf cart. However, bringing a personal vehicle to the island is difficult as parking is VERY limited. Some locations have no parking at all.  Also, the expense of bringing a car and the possibility of waiting a few hours to get a car on and off the island... more information

The Best Way To Get Around The Island

Day rentals are available and weekday rates may differ from weekend rental rates.  Finally, before you look into where to rent your Put-in-Bay golf carts, look at the Put-in-Bay map to create a checklist of things to do. As soon as you hop off the ferry dock, you’ll see many different taxis, golf cart and bike rentals.

Golf carts have long been part of the Put-in-Bay island culture. Our golf carts allow visitors to relax and cruise around on island time. When traveling its always best to have a plan. However, you don’t have to be confined to the strict schedules of the Put-in-Bay tour train or wait for taxi to pick you up.

Golf carts give visitors the freedom to roam the Lake Erie island to ensure that guests can truly have a great time. We recommend booking your Put-in-Bay golf cart sooner rather than later because they do sell out on those busy summer days. Reserve in advance to secure not only a golf cart rental, but a good time! Follow Put-in-Bay Island Guide on Facebook for fun ideas on all things Put-in-Bay.

Put-in-Bay Golf Carts Rental Agencies

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot is on Catawba Avenue, just a short walk from the Jet Express ferry, next to one of the most well known Put-in-Bay restaurants, the Reel Bar, and around the corner from Mr. Ed’s Bar. The Golf Cart Depot offers both gas powered and two-person electric golf carts. Rentals range from 2, 4 and 6 person golf carts. Overnight golf cart rentals are also available. The Depot is the best golf cart rental agency in downtown Put-in-Bay. The two-person electric carts are great for couples and single riders!

Island Club Golf Carts rents exclusively to guests staying in one of the many Island Club home rentals and Put-in-Bay Condos, just a short walk from the popular Miller Ferry. Save money with a Golf Cart Coupon. These Ez-go golf carts are the newest fleet of golf carts on the island. So, if you are staying at the Island Club or Put-in-Bay Condos, these golf carts will not disappoint. Depending on the size of your group, you could either rent a four, six or eight person cart. In addition, both Put-in-Bay lodging partners offer the best large group accommodation for when you visit Put-in-Bay!

About The Golf Carts

Golf carts on Put-in-Bay differ in brand, size and price. We are here to help you pick the one that is right for you and whoever else you are bringing to Put-in-Bay.  Typically, brands you’ll find on the island are Club Car, Ez-go and Yamaha golf carts.  The golf carts are gas-powered with the exception of the two person electric golf carts at Put-in-Bay golf cart depot. Renters do not have to worry about filling the gas tank up as the carts are fuel efficient. Each rental agency fill their golf carts up with gas before an after being rented. Therefore, you guests won’t ever have to worry about running out of gas.

Hourly, daily and overnight rentals are available. We have broken down the rental rates for both weekdays and weekend rentals. Book now to secure golf cart availability.

Weekday Golf Cart Rental Rates:

4 Person Golf Cart: $12/hour, $60/day

6 Person Golf Cart $18/hour, $70/day

8 Person Golf Cart $22/hour, $90/day

Weekend Golf Cart Rental Rates:

4 Person Golf Cart $12/hour, $70 per day

6 Person Golf Cart $18/hour, $80/day

8 Person Golf Cart $$22/hour, $100/day

Some great activities to do with your golf cart rental include:

Perrys MonumentPerry’s Cave & Family Fun Center:

Perry’s Cave & Family Fun Center has something to offer for all ages. Once there, guests enjoy Perry’s Cave tours, The Butterfly House, Antique Car Museum, Mini Golf, Rock Climbing, Souvenir Shops and so much more!

Put-in-Bay Winery:

The Put-in-Bay Winery is nestled in the Put-in-Bay harbor just step away from downtown Put-in-Bay. The winery offers tasting tours for adults over 21 years of age and kids can have some of the world’s best grape juice.

Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial:

You can’t miss Perry’s Monument when you come to Put-in-Bay. The 352 feet tall massive doric column serves as a tribute to Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. Commodore Perry led his American fleet to victory despite being outnumber in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. The monument can be seen from tens of miles away. On a clear day, you can see mainland Canada from the observation deck!

The Boardwalk:

The Boardwalk is one Put-in-Bay’s well-known restaurant establishments. This waterfront restaurant has many different eateries available on the lower deck. Meanwhile, The Upper Deck is known for its stunning views and fine dining menu items. Don’t forget to try their world-famous lobster bisque!

The Crystal Cave & Heineman’s Winery:

The Crystal Cave is located directly across the street from Perry’s Cave & Family Fun Center. The Crystal Cave was discovered unintentionally when the winery was attempting to dig a well. Today, the crystal cave is the largest geode in the world. Guests can enjoy tours of the cave and wine tasting afterwards.

South Bass Island State Park:

The South Bass Island State Park is home to Put-in-Bay’s only public beach. The park features a large picnic area, a boat dock and a fishing pier. Sunsets at the State Park are some of the best in the entire United States. In addition, the South Bass Island State Park is home to the Put-in-Bay campground with plenty of campsites available.

With so many great Put-In-Bay Attractions, a golf cart is almost a necessity! In addition, you might also have to stay a few days in one of the Put-In-Bay Hotels,  so get the full island experience! Check out all the lodging options that the island has to offer and you are sure to find one you like. However, weekends book up quickly in the summer so make sure you plan ahead! The sooner you book, the sooner you can get on a Put-in-Bay ferry! Cruise you cart rental down Delaware Ave and Langram Rd and enjoy the island breeze.

Traffic Laws & More

All golf carts on Put-in-Bay are considered to be licensed motor vehicles. It is very important that riders and passengers obey all traffic laws. The Put-in-Bay Police Department strictly prohibits drinking and driving. Every year, the Put-in-Bay Police Department issues dozens of DUIs to golf cart drivers. If you and your group plan on drinking, please do so responsibly and call a Put-in-Bay taxi.

Every golf cart must have working turn signals, taillights, and seat belts.  In order to rent a golf cart, renters must at least 18 years of age and hold a valid drivers license. In addition, the Put-in-Bay Police will pull you over if you have extra passengers. For example, if you have a 4 passenger golf cart, you cannot have 5 passengers.

Top 10 Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Questions


Golf carts are legally allowed on the roads at Put-in-Bay. During the season, the roads are full of visitors cruising around the island in their Put-in-Bay golf cart rentals. It is important to obey all traffic laws while driving as they fall under the same jurisdiction as licensed motor vehicles and have a valid drivers license with you at all times.


Depending on the size of your party, there are different sized golf carts rentals. 2-person, 4-person,6-person, and 8-person golf carts rentals are available. The golf cart capacities are very strict so make sure you are not riding around in a 4-person golf cart with 5 passengers.


Hourly golf cart rentals are available at Put-in-Bay. Hourly rates vary between the size of golf cart. Expect to pay $12 per hour for a 4-person golf cart. 6-person hourly rates start at $18.00 and 8-person golf carts are $22 per hour.


The Island Club offers guests staying at the Island Club and Put-in-Bay Condos private golf cart rentals with no additional fee for overnights. However, they only rent to their guests. For day trippers and guests staying at other lodging establishments, we recommend The Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot or A&B Golf Cart Rentals.


Golf cart rentals come with a full tank of gas and do not need to be filled by the renter. In the unlikely event that you run out of gas call your golf cart rental company and they will be happy to help you.


Daily Rentals for a Put-in-Bay Golf Carts start at $60.00 per day for a 4-person rental during the week and $70.00 on the weekend. 6-person golf carts rent for $70.00 per day during the week and $80.00 on weekends. Mid-week 8-person daily golf cart rentals go for $90.00 and $100.00 on the weekend.


Overnight golf cart rentals are available through noon the next day for an extra fee of $20.00. This offer excludes special events.


Parking on Put-in-Bay is readily available for golf carts. Since driving a golf cart requires you to obey all traffic laws, the same applies for parking. Be sure to read all parking signs that may be on the roads.


The Put-in-Bay Police Department WILL GIVE DUI’s TO PEOPLE DRIVING GOLF CARTS. Driving a golf cart on Put-in-Bay falls under the same rules and regulations as a car would.


To rent a golf cart at Put-in-Bay you must be 18 years of age or older. Any persons younger than 18 will not be allowed to rent a golf cart. Golf cart rentals on the island require to renter to sign a contract and that person must be at least 18 years old.

Other Golf Cart Rentals on Put-in-Bay

Village Carts

Village Carts is located on Toledo Ave near the Jet Express. Guests coming to Put-in-Bay on the Jet Express are just a short walk away from Village Cart Rentals. Unfortunately, Village golf carts are not available for over night rentals.  However, you can rent these carts by the hour or daily.

E’s Put-in-Bay Golf Carts

E’s Golf Carts is owned and operated by the same family as the Miller Ferry. 2, 4 and 6 person golf carts are available at E’s Put-in-Bay Golf Carts. The rental agency is conveniently located just steps away from the Miller Ferry dock. Renters must be at least 21 years of age and hold a valid drivers license to rent. These Ez-go golf carts are a great way to cruise through your island excursions.

Island Bike & Cart Rentals

Island Bike & Cart Rentals offer two convenient locations on the island. One at the Jet Express and one at the Miller Ferry. You will be sure to pass either location on your visit as they are within walking distance of both ferries. 2,4, and 6 person golf carts are available at Island Bike & Golf Cart Rentals. The company also has bike rentals available for those looking to see Put-in-Bay and get a workout in at the same time.

Erie Island Carts

Erie Island Golf Carts is one of the few golf cart rental establishments to offer 8 person golf carts. This way, Erie Island Carts is able to entertain both small and big groups. Carts can be rented daily or by the hour. Overnight rentals are also available to visitors opting to stay a few nights.

A&B Golf Cart Rentals

A&B Golf Carts can be found on Toledo Avenue located just a 5-minute walk from Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial. This establishment is owned by Bob Gatewood and his lovely wife Andrea. Bob has long been one of Put-in-Bay’s top musicians and entertainers. 4 person daily golf cart rentals are available to start you island travels.

Delaware Carts

Located next to Mr. Ed’s Bar & Grille and MIST Swim Up Bar, Delaware Cart Rentals have different sized golf cart rentals available. Here, you’ll find hourly and daily rentals with number golf carts.

Other Golf Cart Rentals from Put-in-Bay Lodging Locations

Multiple Put-in-Bay Resort & Hotels offer private golf cart rentals to their guests. Here is a list of Put-in-Bay Resorts & Hotels with onsite golf cart rentals:

-Island Club Rentals
-Put-in-Bay Condos
-Commodore Resort
-Islander Inn
-Bay Shore Resort
-Bay lodging Resort
-Put-in-Bay Resort & Conference Center
-Grand Islander Hotel