Downtown Dave Previews The Week (8/10-8/16) is happy to introduce a new weekly feature, Downtown Dave! A short column by friend of the site Dave Schafer, Downtown Dave will provide some insight into what’s happening at the Bay any given week, as well as information on that weekend’s live music.
Dave Schafer is the owner of Ashley’s Island house, a 13-room bed and breakfast on the island. Learn more about it at or call 419-285-2844!

Downtown Dave is going to make you want to come to the Bay this weekend. Here’s where we think you should stay!

Downtown Dave’s Thought(s) For The Week

Well, I usually have an interesting quote from things that I have read and copied over time. I always put my twist to every thought. I only save them because they make me think.

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I go through them at times and reflect back on the events of my life. Sometimes, if I need inspiration the quotes that I have saved motivate me. This week though, it’s just me. Things that I have done and things that I watched. It might not motivate you but hopefully it will make you think a bit.

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That was my whole reason for my Sunday posts many years ago. I was talked into doing the Downtown Dave post to share my thoughts and my reviews of live music. Now, I am trying to see all of the bands and post live videos. You can friend me at Dave Schafer on Facebook and see my live videos of all of the bands so you can see all of the great bands for yourself!

So this week’s post is all about the people of Put-in-Bay. I have been coming to the island for 21 years and owned Ashley’s Island House for 7 years. Until you have lived on the island you do not know the people that make the island work. We are a very small community that does our best to make sure you have a great time when you come to Put-in-Bay.

Tuesday night, I worked at the Roundhouse checking id’s and doing security. What is an old person like me doing security? Well, I know how to defuse a situation if needed. But the reason that I did it was to give thanks to the hardworking people at the Roundhouse. Every year they have an employee party and they need help to keep the bar running. They ask employees from other businesses on the island to help out. Well on Wednesday night, most of the staff of the Boathouse and I worked, so the employees of the Roundhouse could enjoy a night together. They did not get paid (except for tips) but they did it to help out. Unless you are a part of the island you do not understand. This is really a special place where we all get along and everybody is willing to help everybody. That is what Put-in-Bay is all about. It is our job to make sure that our friends and all of our guests have a great time.

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But the feeling that you have after you leave is that I cannot wait to come back. Not every establishment is perfect but a majority of them try to make you feel special and value your business. Without your tourist dollars we would not exist. You can spend your money anywhere but we are happy that you are spending it with us at Put-in-Bay.

It is not too late to schedule a trip to Put-in-Bay for 2023. If you are already booked up this year please call your favorite place and book for 2024.

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This Week’s Live Music At The Bay!

Have a great week everybody and we will see you at Put-in-Bay this weekend. One more note, please check out the live cams and make them a favorite on your computer. The cams will bring back old memories from your trips to Put-in-Bay and it will make you come back for more.
Here is this week’s schedule:
Thursday  Calabash 2pm That Band from Detroit  8:30
Friday       Mike Mad Dog Adams 2pm Empire Drift 8:30
Saturday  Mike Mad Dog Adams 2pm Paul Franks 630 Empire Drift 9:30
Sunday    Sellouts 2pm The Warped Band 8:30
Monday   AJ Lynn Duo 2pm The Warped Band   8:30
Tuesday  AJ Lynn Duo 2pm The Warped Band   8:30
Wed        Paradise Island  2pm The Warped Band  8:30
Friday    Sloppy Seconds from Key West 2pm Ray Fogg 7:30
Saturday Sloppy Seconds from Key West 2pm Ray Fogg 7:30
Sunday   Sloppy Seconds from Key West 2pm
Friday        Old Skool from Cleveland  9pm
Saturday    Old Skool  9pm
Sunday      Rich Hardesty 7pm
Monday     Rich Hardesty 7pm
Tuesday    Scott Fish 7pm
Weds         Meager Kings 7pm
Thursday   Meager Kings 7pm
Thursday  Hunter Hoop 5pm Fun Buckets 9:30
Friday       Ty Stevens 5pm Audio Graffiti   9:30
Saturday   Casper 5pm Audio Graffiti 9:30
Sunday    Casper 6pm Audio Graffiti 9:30
Monday    Shot 30 Duo 9pm
Tuesday   Shot 30 Duo 9pm
Thursday   The  Fulco Brothers. 9:30
Friday        Jason Saitta  2pm Hard Candy 5:30 pm  The Fulco Brothers 9:30
Saturday    Jason Saitta  2pm Hard Candy 5:30 pm   The Fulco Brothers. 9:30
Sunday      The Other Brothers 3pm Jason Saitta 7pm
Monday     The Other Brothers 3pm Jason Saitta 7pm
Tuesday     The Other Brothers 3pm Jason Saitta 7pm
Friday        Lucas Guy 3pm Lee Warren 7pm
Saturday    Lee Warren 3pm  Dj Mike D 7-12
Wed           Karaoke 8pm
Friday       Pat Shepard 2pm Rusty Bladen 8pm
Saturday   Pat Shepard 2pm Rusty Bladen 8pm
Sunday     Half Naked Monkeys 3pm
Friday       Eric Butler 4pm Jutt Huffman 7pm
Saturday   Charlie Wiener 4pm  Eric Butler 7pm
Sunday     Charlie Wiener  2pm Lee Warren 7pm
Monday     That Allie Girl 8pm
Tuesday    That Allie Girl 8pm
Weds        Willow Hill 8pm
Thursday  Johnny Martens 2pm and  6pm
Friday       Travelin Johnsons 2pm and 6 pm
Saturday   Travelin Johnsons 2pm and 6 pm
Sunday      Travelin Johnsons 2pm and 6pm
Monday     Lucas Guy 2pand 6pm
Tuesday    Sunset Harmony 2pm and 6 pm
Wed          Sunset Harmony 2pm and 6 pm
We do also have a piano sing along bar that is open from 9-12 on Fridays and Saturdays next to the fire truck. It is always a great crowd so stop by and sing along.
It is only a few weeks to Bash on the Bay with Pitbull and Luke Bryan. There are still tickets available!
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