Downtown Dave Previews The Week (6/8-14) is happy to introduce a new weekly feature, Downtown Dave! A short column by friend of the site Dave Schafer, Downtown Dave will provide some insight into what’s happening at the Bay any given week, as well as information on that weekend’s live music. Enjoy!

Downtown Dave is going to make you want to come to the Bay this weekend. Here’s where we think you should stay!

A Week Of Band News From Downtown Dave

Downtown Dave here, with your weekly Put-in-Bay band schedule. Many places now have entertainment every day, so the schedules that I post will run from Thursday to Wednesday. Now those that come during the week can check out the live music everywhere. I will do my best to keep you updated on all the island events as well. I will try and not favor any one entertainer or place, but I will give my opinions on what I see on a weekly basis. Most performers you can check out on Google or Facebook.  I will try and see every band for a few minutes and save my thoughts when they come back and play again so I can give everybody updates.
This is a busy week with other events also. We have Mills Cup race, Founder’s Day, Pooch Parade, Bensen Shiphouse tours and 1st annual Pride Day. So Put in Bay is not just beers, golf carts and music. There is a lot going on and a lot to see. Plus Island Softball season has started. Games are Sunday, Monday and Wednesdays. We have 9 teams this year so it should be a fun season


Downtown Dave’s Thought For The Week

1000 Saturdays And Marbles
The older I get the more that I enjoy Saturday mornings. A majority of us work the Monday through Friday deal and when Saturday comes it is a relief that we have 2 days off to do what we want. Now we still have chores and other obligations but can some of it wait. So the average person lives to the age of 75. Multiply 75 times 52 and I came up with 3900. That is the total number of Saturdays that we have in our lifetime. It took me till I was 55 to think about this in any detail. By that time I figured I only had about 1000 Saturdays left So I went to a store and bought 1000 marbles. I put them into a big jar. Every Saturday I take 1 marble out and throw it away. I found out by watching the marbles diminish I focused more on the really important things in life. There is nothing like watching your time here on earth run out to get your priorities straight. Take time for yourself. So make sure you take time to enjoy every Saturday that you can because one day you will be out of marbles. The best thing that I have found out to do on Saturdays is spending it on Put in Bay doing whatever you might enjoy and bring friends.

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This Week’s Live Music At The Bay!

Have a great week everybody, see you at the Bay!
Here is this week’s schedule:
Thursday Screaming Heathens duo 2-530  Bluff Canucks out of Canada great 70s and 80s rock 8;30
Friday      Bluff Canucks 2-5:30                   Amelia Airharts out of Toledo 8:30
Saturday  Mad Dog 2-5:30                          Amelia Airharts 8:30
Sunday    Michelle and Ryan 2-5:30           Michelle and Ryan 8:30
Monday   Matt Webber 2-5:30 9pm             Roundhouse annual Drag Show with Ray Fogg
Tuesday  Matt Webber 2-5:30                     Lone Wolf Hippies 8:30
Wed        Sellouts 2-5:30 for the start of the The Wrinkle Wednesday afternoon shows then Lone wolf Hippies at 8:30
Reel Bar
Friday       Ray Fogg with a maybe special guest Joe Suttman 7:30
Saturday  Ray Fogg at 7:30
Friday       Franke and Ranke 4pm   DJ Adubb 9pm
Saturday  Franke and Ranke 4pm   Reese Dailey band 9pm
Tuesday  Rich Hardesty 7pm
Wed        Rich Hardesty 7pm
Mr. Ed’s
Thursday  The Willits 9pm
Friday       John Mc Donald 4pm DJ Identity 9:30
Saturday   Max Geers 4pm         DJ Idenity 9:30
Sunday     Soul Donuts 9pm
Monday    Soul Donuts 9pm
Tuesday   Soul Donuts 3pm        Fun Buckets 9:30
Wed         Karaoke 9:30
Beer Barrel
Thursday   Ryan Dunlap 2:30  Jason Saitta 7pm
Friday and Saturday                 That Allie Girl 2pm Jason Saitta 6pm Master TC The Visitors 9:30 ( Sandusky based band that puts on a show in addition to playing great music)
Sunday      That Allie Girl 2:30  Tobi Lee 7pm (yes no Mustang Sally this year but the lead singer Toby Lee will be doing solo gigs all summer)
Monday     Jutt Huffman 3pm    Tobi Lee 7pm
Tuesday    Jutt Huffman 3pm    Tobi Lee 7pm
Weds        Jutt Huffman 3pm    Tobi Lee 7pm
The Fish Bowl 
Thursday Franke and Ranke 6pm
Friday      Lucas Guy 3-6               2 foot under 7-11
Saturday 2 foot under 7-11 12-4   DJ Mike D 7-12
Friday      Johnny O Band 8pm
Saturday  Pat Shepard 2pm     Johnny O Band 8pm
Sunday    Dustin Kines 2pm
Mojito Bay now has music every day
Thursday Tanner Gomes 4pm    Telephone Tag 8pm
Friday      Danny Christan 4pm   Jamtastic 8pm
Saturday  Charlie Wiener noon  Danny Christan 4pm    Jamtastic 8pm
Sunday    Charlie Wiener 2pm   Pat Masalko 8pm
Monday   That Allie Girl 8pm
Tuesday  That Allie Girl 8pm
Weds       Allie Sealey Duo
Topsy Turveys is having and island Jam night every Monday night 9-11
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