Downtown Dave Previews The Week (8/31-9/6) is happy to introduce a new weekly feature, Downtown Dave! A short column by friend of the site Dave Schafer, Downtown Dave will provide some insight into what’s happening at the Bay any given week, as well as information on that weekend’s live music.
Dave Schafer is the owner of Ashley’s Island house, a 13-room bed and breakfast on the island. Learn more about it at or call 419-285-2844!

Downtown Dave is going to make you want to come to the Bay this weekend. Here’s where we think you should stay!

Downtown Dave’s Thought(s) For The Week

Now the thoughts of the week.
Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully
Marry a partner that you love to talk to. Looks will change over the years but the person inside will not and their conversational skills will keep you together.
Believe in love at first site. But remember that person that you just met already lived about 1/3 of their life. Make sure that you accept them for who they are and do not try to change them.
Never laugh at anyone’s dreams. People who do not have dreams and goals really do not have much
Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it is the only way to live life completely
Do not judge people by their relatives.
Talk slowly but think quickly. And be careful what you say because many people will only remember the negative comments and not the positive comments.
Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risks. Take a chance if you fail just pick yourself up and try again
Smile when you pick up the phone. The caller on the other end will feel your smile.
Remember the 3 Rs. Respect for self. Respect for others and responsibility for all your actions.
Spend good quality time alone.
I have lived my life with all of the above thoughts. I value my life not by the money that I have in the bank but the people that I have met along the way. As you get older you reflect back on your life. The successes and the failures. You have to fail in order to succeed. If you do not try you cannot succeed. One thing I know for sure if you do not come up to Put in Bay for a weekend you will not have some great memories to look back on.

This Weekend We Have Two Big Events!

Sunday, September 3
The Ohio State Marching Band

-1:45 pm: The OSU Marching Band performs aboard Miller Ferry through the Put-in-Bay harbor.

-2:00 pm: The OSU Marching Band arrives at the Miller Ferry Downtown Dock, located on Bayview Ave. at Miller Marina, Put-in-Bay.

-2:00 pm – 2:45 pm: The OSU Marching Band will parade from Miller Marina to Downtown Put-in-Bay around DeRivera Park and end at Put-in-Bay School.

-7:00 pm: The OSU Marching Band will march from Put-in-Bay School, through Downtown Put-in-Bay to Perry’s Monument.

-7:15 pm – 8:00 pm: The OSU Marching Band performs at Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial.

-8:30 pm: The OSU Marching Band plays for the Boardwalk flag lowering ceremony

-8:45 pm: Fireworks display at Perry’s Monument

-9:00 pm & 9:30 pm: There will be additional Miller Ferry trips leaving Put-in-Bay for passengers.


Monday September 4

The Last Boat is an island tradition there is a party at the Miller Ferry dock when the last boat leaves the island after Labor Day. We sing songs and shoot off fireworks when the last Miller Ferry leaves. Now the island is not closed for the season but things do slow down. You will see in my music posts the weekday music schedule is very light. But there is a lot more to do on the Island during the fall. We have lots of cool events that you do not want to miss.

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This Week’s Live Music At The Bay!

Have a great week everybody and we will see you at Put-in-Bay this weekend. One more note, please check out the live cams and make them a favorite on your computer. The cams will bring back old memories from your trips to Put-in-Bay and it will make you come back for more.
Now time for the great music lineup for this weekend.
Thursday  Distractions 2pm Bendrez Duo  8:30
Friday       Screaming Heathens 2pm Benderz 8:30
Saturday   Mad Dog 2pm Paul Franks 630 Benderz 9:30
Sunday     Mad Dog  2pm Paul Franks 6:30 Benderz 9:30
Monday    AJ Lynn duo 2pm  Killer Flamingos  8:30
Tuesday   AJ Lynn Duo 2pm Dusitin Kines  8:30
Wed          AJ Lynn Duo 2pm Dusitin Kines  8:30
Thursday  AJ Lynn Duo 2pm Dusitin Kines  8:30
Friday      Hey Monea 7:30
Saturday  Hey Monea 2pm Ray Fogg 7:30
Sunday    Hey Monea 2pm Ray Fogg 7:30
Monday   Special show with Ray Fogg and Bob Gatewood 9pm
Friday        Franke and Ranke  4pm  That 80s Band  9pm
Saturday   Franke and Ranke  4pm  That 80s Band  9pm
Sunday     Franke and Ranke  4pm  That 80s Band  9pm
Thursday  Country Honk 12:30 Hunter Hoop 5pm Fun Buckets  9:30 pm
Friday       Joe Woods 12:30 Ty Stevens 5pm Willits Records Band   9:30
Saturday   Willits Records Band 9:30
Sunday     Steven Carey 1:30 Casper 5pm Willits Records Band 9:30
Monday    Eric Street 12:30 Stephan Carey 5pm World Z end Band
Thursday   Alecia Arnall 2pm Tobi Lee 7pm
Friday        Alecia Arnall 2pm Tobi Lee 7pm North of Nashville 9:30
Saturday   Alecia Arnall 2pm Tobi Lee 7pm North of Nashville 9:30
Sunday       Alecia Arnall 2pm Tobi Lee 7pm North of Nashville 9:30
Monday      Tobi Lee 3pm
Thursday   Jamtastic 9pm
Friday        Lucas Guy 3pm Jamtastic 7pm
Saturday    Jamtastic 1pm  3pm  Dj Mike D 7-12
Friday       Vinyl Arcade 8pm
Saturday   Josh and Jordan 2pm Pat Shepard 2pm Rusty Bladen 8pm
Sunday     Sully Solo 3pm
Thursday  Mike Drum 8pm
Friday       Tony Salazar 4pm  Steven Carey Duo 8pm
Saturday   Charlie Weiner 12pm  Tony Salazar 4pm Steven Carey Duo 8pm
Sunday     Trae Myers  2pm Tim Oliver  8pm
Monday     Charlie Weiner 2pm
Friday       Travelin Johnsons 2pm and 6 pm
Saturday   Travelin Johnsons 2pm and 6 pm
Sunday     Travelin Johnsons 2pm and 6 pm
We do also have a piano sing along bar that is open from 9-12 on Fridays and Saturdays next to the fire truck. It is always a great crowd so stop by and sing along.
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