February 2022 Front Page News - Fish On!



January has been a great month for walleye fishing on the islands. After a few years of subpar ice, the Ice Gods finally rewarded us with the perfect conditions for fishing. As of this publication print, there are over 100 shanties set up off South Bass ramps, with another dozen or so off of Middle Bass ramps. The pictures you see on this page are a lot of happy fishermen/fisherwomen with their prize catches!

Help for a Friend

Remember the guy who always sat in the third barstool from the right corner of the Skyway bar? He is our friend, Don Thwaite. The tolerator of all the Skyway Shenanigans, the holder of the television remote, the #1 Browns fan who founded the Lake Erie Islands Browns Backers and Rib Burnoffs, “Coach” to the RHB softball team back in the day with Johnny and DQ Don, the snow removal and digger-outer of our cars in the winter, B-Dock and DeRivera Park Trustee, past PIB Chamber of Commerce President, the instigator of fun and pranks with his buddy Teri Winchester and so many others. It’s been a while, but Don is still living at Put-in-Bay, after growing up in Strongsville, and is at home waiting to start the process of dialysis and praying to begin the search for a kidney. We share this with our readers to get this wonderful, funny, prankster back on his feet. Unfortunately, the costs and expenses are beginning to mount and Don’s family is reaching out for any support that the our friends of the bay can assist with during this trying time. To make a donation, please visit gofund.me/48355657. All donations are greatly appreciated and we will forever be grateful!

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