Put-in-Bay Island Diary July 2022

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Island Diary July 2022

Fri., July 1st – Going into the July 4th weekend, there are 42 dogs, 3 birds and 71 boats at the DeRivera Park Dock (B-Dock) for the night.Today in 2000, one person was killed and at least 75 people were injured at the Lonz Winery on Middle Bass Island when the terrace floor gave way, dropping victims and rubble 20 feet into an old wine cellar. DeRivera Park B-Dock

Sat., July 2nd – For the first time ever, breakfast starts at the Dairy Isle on Saturdays and Sundays. The new Put-in-Bay sign at the South Bass Island State Park is attracting a lot of attention. Over on Middle Bass Island, traffic includes the Schwan’s frozen food truck and the 4th of July parade around the island. A very old stone axe head is found on East Point.

Sun., July 3rd – The PIB EMS says thanks to Mike Niese, Nate Jones, Patty Bauer and all of the staff at the Beer Barrel Saloon and Tipper’s for the complimentary dinners.

Mon., July 4th – John Dodge is at the wheel of Chip Duggan’s Model A in the huge antique car parade. There’s a wonderful reception at the Crew’s Nest Pavilion after the parade. A big “thank you” goes to the Crew’s Nest and Nan Burr from the Miller Boat Line crew for the delicious hot dogs. There’s a Freedom party at the PIB Yacht Club. The Perry Group holds a wine & cheese reception at the Visitors Center before going to the top of the Monument to view the fireworks display.

Tue., July 5th – There’s rain in the morning. There’s a massive exodus off the island with scores of vehicles attempting to get off the island after the holiday weekend. Former Roundhouse employee and “Buckethead” creator George Allen stops by the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society & Museum and checks out his personalized brick in the walkway entrance.

Wed., July 6th – There’s rain in the morning again. Lisa Rock and volunteers from the Green Creek Wildlife Society are banding purple martins that return every year to the two gourd rigs at the Scheeff East Point Preserve in the morning. Mary Ann Meyers and Sarah Toole are in the Undercroft at St. Paul’s with Mother Mary getting things ready for the Arts in the Attic fundraiser. There’s a grand opening in the late afternoon at the Picnic Basket next to the Biergarten in the Boat House complex. Softball competition resumes after the holiday with the Kelleys Island team playing a doubleheader against the Sand Bar and the Boardwalk. The Island Grind at Lonz Winery on Middle Bass is closed for restocking. There’s some serious Euchre playing going on at the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club.

Thu., July 7th – The contractors at the Monument seawall project briefly close the intersection of Toledo and Bayview to move a crane onto the shoreline job site. There’s a birthday party for Ruth Scarpelli at the Brewery.

Fri., July 8th – Miller Boat Line’s new ferry, the M/V Mary Ann Market, leaves the Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay, WI, headed for Put-in-Bay. Islanders can track the trip on their smartphones with a marine traffic app. The wind picks up after dinner and things begin to rock and roll a bit in the harbor.

Sat., July 9th – It was ten years ago the Forge opened, but unfortunately they are not open due to repairs needed after water damage that took place last winter. The outfield at the island ball diamond is filled with soccer players participating in the tournament. A brisque northeast wind, unusual for this time of year, blows all day. It’s strong enough for ferry trips from Pelee Island to be canceled.

Sun., July 10th – Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church hosts the talented Praise & Worship Group, Sanctuary. Ray Fogg from the Reel Bar is entertaining at West Bay on Kelleys Island. The M/V Mary Ann Market arrives in the island area, passes by North Bass Island, the home of the vessel’s namesake, does a spin in the Bay and then heads to the Lime Kiln for the night.

Mon., July 11th – The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy’s AmeriCorp intern Kenneth McArtor is at the Scheeff East Point Preserve the problems of plastic pollution. Three of the workers imported from St. Croix for the summer, “Ned” Nedberg and Dennis Giancontiere from the Goat and Kirby Jackson from Joe’s Bar, are spotted doing a little shopping at Walmart in Port Clinton. The Upscale Wine Club is at the Miller Marina, but the “reel” wine aficionados are at the Reel Bar doing a “Box Wine” tasting.

Tue., July 12th – There’s a PIBYC Auxiliary Luncheon at noon. The Brig Niagara anchors for the night off the east side of Middle Bass.

Wed., July 13th – Guests at the Nature and Wildlife Center enjoy a joint birthday party for Brad & Zoe Titchner from Toledo Ave. Brad is turning 95 and Zoe 90, and both are active in the LEINWC doings.At the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club it’s not only Weenie Wednesday” with $3 hotdogs, but the weekly Euchre tournament is taking place. If you don’t know how to play, you can join in and someone will teach you!

Thu., July 14th – The Put-in-Bay Garden Club Home Tour takes place after bruch at the yacht club. Homes on the tour include those of Joe and Judy Sebring, Toby and Stephanie Landreth, Kim and Jeff McNally, Joe and Judy Janicki, Dan and Lorna Strayer, Scott and Caroline Jackson, George Stoiber, and Charla Bernstein. More than 140 people take the tour.

Fri., July 15th – Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab Director Chris Winslow and Stone Lab staff show Ohio Soybean Council board members and staff around Stone Lab and take them on a science cruise on Lake Erie. The Put-in-Bay Community Swim/Sail Program Awards take place in the evening at PIBYC. At St. Paul’s Undercroft there’s a champagne reception and preview of all the items for sale in the “Art in the Attic” fundraiser.

Sat., July 16th – Are you one of those wondering what to do today? You have your choice of the Middle Bass Music Festival at Lonz Winery, checking out 200 tricked-out Jeeps at Heineman Winery, buying something at the Art in the Attic fundraiser at St. Paul’s, or finding a book at the library book sale. Sue and Steve Prahst kayak to the MBI Music Festival from Put-in-Bay. The Put-in-Bay Brewery and Distillery comps several delicious pizzas for the officers working at the police department.

Sun., July 17th – There’s a soaking rain in morning. Marisa Rence reports her golf cart was stolen overnight. It is recovered. The line of vehicles trying to take the ferry back to the mainland is at one point back to where helicopter rides are given on Langram Rd., plus passengers are waiting at the top of the Lime Kiln hill. As the Jeepsters leave the island, the young sailors begin arriving for Junior Bay Week. The chainlink fence with all the padlocks on it at Parker’s Park overlooking the water collapses. The Drum Circle program at Massie Cliffside Preserve is postpone to a later date in August due to rain.

Mon., July 18th – The Township crew is able to get the padlock fence back up.

Tue., July 19th – The Village Council meets for the third time this month. Among the topics of discussion are raises and promotion for police officers. Bill White from Put-in-Bay Rd. is having a moving sale. There’s a new modular home going in on Chapman Rd. The Put-in-Bay Police Commission Committee holds a public meeting at the Town Hall in the early evening.

Wed., July 20th – It’s a hot day at the Bay! The manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team, Derek Shelton, is pitching to all the little kids at the ball diamond across from the school gym in the afternoon. The Coastguard is inspecting the new Miller ferry boat. Also at the ball diamond, there’s a new bench in memory of longtime LEISL softball manager Woody Widmar. He will be remembered by many islanders now and in the future.

Thu., July 21st – Miller Boat Line makes a morning trip to Rattlesnake Island. Jim French and Barb Hunter grill about 150 hotdogs for the Jr. Bay Week sailors at the yacht club.

Fri., July 22nd – The surface water temperature off Gibraltar Island is 80 degrees. There’s some inpromptu live entertainment on the porch at Ashley’s Island House.

Sat., July 23rd – At the Goat, the staff photo for this season is taken in the morning. What may be the longest property owners association meeting ever takes place at the Senior Center with a lengthy discussion about policing the islands. There’s a liquidation sale of items from Marsha and Jerry Baumert’s cottage at the end of Ibis St.. The MBL crew thanks Rob Hard and Marie for the delicious lunch they provided. Kate Richardson is at Middle Bass Island in the afternoon. The Phil Yan Polka Band is playing at the Goat biergarten’s Schwein & Bier Fest in the afternoon. At the yacht club they’re drawing the grand winner of their ongoing fundraiser raffle.

Sun., July 24th – The power goes out shortly after midnight for much of the island including most of the downtown when a golf cart leaves the road and crashes into a condo’s screened-in porch at Banyan Cove. The island firemen and EMS are busy as they take care of the accident there The Mustang Sally Show at the Beer Barrel goes dark. With most downtown bars without power, things get a bit squirrelly with everyone in the dark. The Middle Bass Dockers play a home game against the Kelleys Island softball team. Proceeds from the lemonade stand go to the MBI Fire Dept.

Mon., July 25th – Amphicars come over on the ferry in the morning, launch at the downtown ramp, parade through the harbor and then head to Middle Bass for lunch. Some of the Amphicar owners were seen giving rides to people off the downtown launch ramp. There were more than 3,000 of the amphibious passenger automobiles produced between 1961 and 1967.

Tue., July 26th – It’s Liesl Jackson’s 6th birthday and there’s a party at the Jackson home in the afternoon. There is also a high school graduation party at Margaritas on the Rock for Max Hristovski. Max, the son of Miyo and Maria Hristovski, graduated with honors from high school in Naples, Florida, in May. Ali Sabri Uthumalebbe is sworn in by Mayor Dress as the newest patrol officer in the PIBPD. Ali Sabri previously worked as a police officer in Maine and as a traffic officer for the NYPD. Roger Rhoad lost his fishing pole overboard off the back of the boat when he wasn’t paying attention. He went to leave and pulled the anchor up and saw some fishing line, then a fish and then his pole! What luck! A big thank you goes to Tippers for providing pizza and wings for our PIBVFD fire training this evening. The volunteers are testing a new pump system that can pump 3000 gallons per minute.

Wed., July 27th – We’re going out on a limb here, but Joan Rhoad, Lorraine Zimmerman, Brenda Daily, Lori Busold and Andrea Lee Gatewood are probably sleeping in late and recovering after taking a girls’ trip to Kelleys Island yesterday. A group of former Frosty Bar & Family Pizza pizza makers gather for an informal get-together at Frosty’s in the morning. Marc Edward Wright from the Forge is running the NYC marathon this November with Laura Fogg & Katie Stitak!! At the yacht club there’s a beer tent and a taco bar for the Regatta folk. He is once again on team City Harvest and has a marathon fundraiser at the upstairs bar at Mojito Bay in the evening with all gratuities going directly to City Harvest! At the Goat, the staff is enjoying a “Thanksgiving in July” with a party and gift exchange. It used to be Christmas in July, but that isn’t politically correct these days.

Thu., July 28th – This is the last day in business on the island for Christie Ontko’s OntkOrganix & Freshwater Remedies Holistic Shoppe. She will certainly be missed as she moves off the island to pursue her next big dream. On Gibraltar Island, Stone Lab Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) students are presenting their research findings to faculty, staff and students. John Ladd celebrates his 90th birthday with family and friends at the Crew’s Nest Pavilion. Bob Reynolds, the grandson of the founder of Matthew Boat Co, shows the incredible movie of his grandfather’s first Great Loop Trip (down the Mississippi, around Florida and up the Atlantic Coast) in 1905. The trip ended at Put-in-Bay during the I-LYA regatta, so it’s only fitting that this year he is showing it during the I-LYA Power Regatta!

Fri., July 29th – Per a mayoral proclamation read at John Ladd’s 90th birthday party at the Crew’s Nest, today is officially John Ladd Day at Put-in-Bay. There are still mayflies around the island. They’re supposed to be long gone by now.

Sat., July 30th – The weather is perfect and downtown PIB is packed with visitors. Dan Savage, Kendra Koehler and Barb Hunter are among those at the museum getting the silent auction items ready for the big museum fundraiser auction at Heineman Winery on Thursday. PIB sailors Jacob and Rider Myers place 1st in the C42 fleet Traveler’s Series #8 at Hoover Sailing Club. Speaking of boating, a boat hits the Honey Point Reef off North Bass Island’s southeast point and sinks between there and Middle Bass.

Sun., July 31st – It’s another perfect day at the Bay. So perfect in fact that there’s at least an hour’s wait in the afternoon to get your car over on the ferry to Put-in-Bay. The owners of the Rib Cage, a restaurant in Maumee, Ohio, Brenda and Ted Kaufman, were spotted enjoying the pool at the Perry Holiday. They were on the island to celebrate her birthday.


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