What's Fun To Do at Put-in-Bay Before 10PM

To Do Bigger

Summer is slipping away. Wherever you go in Ohio you have to wear a mask (with certain exceptions). Wherever you go to eat, drink and play in Ohio, the establishments need to properly sanitize and provide for social distancing.

Put-in-Bay is the same as the rest of the state in that regard and most everyone is complying. There’s plenty of ways to have that fun at Put-in-Bay before 10PM besides our famous party and plenty of space to safely have that fun.

But, even though you don’t hear it much in the media or online, do you know what makes Put-in-Bay different? The island voluntarily tested nearly all of its employees and about half of its general population for COVID even though they were not exhibiting symptoms. To my knowledge, such a large percentage of a local population has not submitted itself to such a voluntary testing anywhere in the United States. It’s not a pleasant test to submit to when you’re not sick. But, that’s how far Put-in-Bay is willing to go to prove that we care. It proved that our positivity rate is the same as the State of Ohio, even though that was not widely reported by the press. It resulted in our County Director of Health saying that it proved Put-in-Bay was not a “hotspot” and that the island was as safe to travel to as anywhere else in Ohio.

And, do you know what else makes Put-in-Bay different? It’s still more fun than anywhere else in Ohio!

And, there’s plenty of ways to have that fun besides our famous party and plenty of space to safely have that fun. Where else can you do all of these things so close together: fishing, sailing, riding a golf cart, relaxing in our park, enjoying an antique car parade, listening to music, eating a delicious burger or fish sandwich, bicycling, running, hiking, kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, riding in an airplane or helicopter, exploring our peaceful outer island roads, taking in our wooded walking trails, breathing in our beautiful nature, soaking in a sunset, sharing a moonrise and just enjoying the jewel of the North Coast of America. (Swipe through the photos below to see that jewel).

The island awaits you! Summer is slipping away!

-Written by Ray Fogg

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