It’s one of our favorite days of the year here at putinbay.com, as the Miller Ferry made its first trip to Put-in-Bay in 2021 this morning. A sign that Spring has officially sprung, it also means that the 2021 Put-in-Bay season is right around the corner! Pretty soon the sidewalks of downtown Put-in-Bay will be filled with family vacations, bachelorette parties, sightseers and daytrippers, and WE CAN’T WAIT! In honor of the occasion we’ve got some useful links to help plan your trip (or trips!

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) to PIB in 2021!

We’re so excited to SEE YOU AT THE BAY!!

The Best Put-in-Bay Lodging Choices

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to Put-in-Bay lodging. Condos with breathtaking waterfront views, spacious vacation rentals, and downtown hotels right in the heart of it all. To help you decide, we’ve gotten rid of the rest to show you the best lodgings on the island!

2021 Put-in-Bay Event Calendar

Already know when you’re making the trip to PIB? Check out our event calendar to see what will be going on! Yet to settle on a time frame for your vacation? Use the calendar to find an upcoming event or two that piques your interest!

Things To Do During Your Trip To Put-in-Bay

Our beautiful little island has so much to see and do. From the fifth tallest monument in America, to an incredibly rare underground cave five stories below the surface, find the best of the best Put-in-Bay attractions here. And there is plenty to do at ground level too!

What’s The Big Deal About The Ferry?

To our visitors, it may just be a way to and from Put-in-Bay, but to the residents and employees, it’s the lifeblood of the island!

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With no land bridge, we rely on the ferry for everything from grocery to construction materials. If it’s on the Bay, it came over on the ferry!

The Official Put-in-Bay Spring Fling Party

The first big event of the 2021 season, and indeed every Put-in-Bay season, is the Island Club’s famous customer appreciation party, the Spring Fling! If you’d like to attend (trust us, you’d like to attend!), read up on all the Spring Fling event details to learn how!

The Put-in-Bay Island Guide On Facebook

Follow Put-In-Bay on Facebook to stay up-to-date on news, events, special offers, and more from Put-In-Bay, Ohio. Get your PIB fix anytime and enjoy virtual island escapes with epic sunset videos, island drive-arounds, and even views from above! You don’t want to miss what’s next!

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