The Round House Bar

The Round House Bar is summer on Put-in-Bay all housed in one classic, iconic bar. An island institution of over 140 years, everyone flocks here when they see the red “Whiskey” light lit up. That means the fun is about to begin.

The Round House Details

This iconic round tavern is open every day of the week from 12 pm – 2 am during the summer season. Centrally located right on Delaware Avenue across from DeRivera Park and next to the Park Hotel, Chicken Patio, and the Red Moon, the Round House Bar is always on everyone’s summertime itinerary.

Easily recognizable by its red, white, and blue exterior, and open porch absolutely full of folks having the time of their lives, the Round House includes a full bar and even fuller entertainment schedule. From live music to special events, there is always something going on here.

Live Music at The Round House Bar

Local and regional musicians play here every day of the week. The lineup includes island favorite Ray Fogg, the Flyin’ Jays, Killer Flamingos, and Mike “Mad Dog” Adams. A Round House Bar favorite, Mad Dog is living proof that “Every Day Above Ground Is A Gooood Day.” His legendary performances are always very popular.

The Round House Bar History

Originally housing the Columbia Restaurant, this building opened in 1873. Back in the day, there wasn’t a good way to keep things cold. Thanks to intrepid island dwellers including Valentine Doller, they figured out a way. The Columbia Restaurant was able to serve up ice cream and cottage cheese using blocks of ice gathered from Lake Erie in the winter. Housed in what is now the Put-in-Bay Winery, the ice kept things nice and cold.

The famous circular bar was then built in 1944 by the Greunke family, commissioning the Cincinnati Brewing Company to construct it. It was the perfect place to hold concerts “in the round,” with Mrs. Greunke as the featured pianist. They moved the stage to its current location so the performer wouldn’t have to play with their back to the audience.

The McCann family has owned the Roundhouse since the early 1950’s. Most of the building is original, with the exception of the floor and front porch. The original plaster walls have remained. They were also responsible for painting it its signature red, white, and blue along with artist Scott LoBadio painting the outside. The inside walls features murals by Canoe Bob.

Summers at The Round House Bar

The Roundhouse is the perfect place to spend a summer day. The indoor/outdoor feel is friendly and fun. Drinks are always flowing and live music is on tap. Grab a bite to eat at Chicken Patio next door. Home to the best BBQ on the island, Chicken Patio specializes in wine-basted chicken.

The Park Hotel is a lovingly preserved hotel which offers quaint and affordable lodging. The Red Moon is a sophisticated speakeasy located inside the hotel. This entire area of Put-in-Bay offers an amazing glimpse into the past with some of the most contemporary fun on the island.


228 Delaware Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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