Downtown Dave Previews The Week (4/18-4/24) is happy to welcome back Downtown Dave! A short column by friend of the site Dave Schafer, Downtown Dave will provide some insight into what’s happening at the Bay any given week, as well as information on that weekend’s live music.
Dave Schafer is the owner of Ashley’s Island house, a 13-room bed and breakfast on the island. Learn more about it at or call 419-285-2844!

Downtown Dave is going to make you want to come to the Bay this weekend. Here’s where we think you should stay!

Downtown Dave’s Thought(s) For The Week

It is time for Downtown Dave 2024 edition.
I will do my best to share my thoughts on life and happenings on Put in Bay along with all of the live music and special events happening this year.

A quick background on myself for those that are new to my column. I am the owner of Ashleys Island House Bed and Breakfast on Put in Bay with my fiance Laurie. It is a 160 year old house with 13 bedrooms and every one has its own bathroom. I do live on the island for 9 months out of the year and travel the rest of the time. My travels will be the subject of my thoughts of the week before I get to this weeks entertainment.

My travels have made me think what my life would have been like if I did not stay in the Cleveland area all of my life. I also think where would I be now if I did not come to Put in Bay 23 years ago. I have been to 49 out of 50 states and when I travel I try to really see how other people live. I have seen many cool places and I have also seen many unfortunate people living in tents and on the streets. I am sure if when I traveled to California at the age of 19 by bus and decided to live there my life would have turned out so differently. America is one nation but I look at it as maybe 10 different countries. Because some areas are so different then other areas. That is what makes this country great because we have freedom. Be thankful that you live in America.

But now let’s talk about Put in Bay and Whiskey light celebration. This is a real celebration. It is the celebration of another season at Put in Bay. For me it is a time to see everybody that you missed all winter. And it is time to make new friends. I hope to see everybody this year on the island.

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This Week’s Live Music At The Bay!

Saturday  Kickin Tenders 2-530 Not Fast Enough 8:30 -12
Sunday    Whiskey Light on with Ray Fogg 1:30 -5pm. Get there by 11 to get a table

Mr. Ed’s

Mr Eds
Friday      Christian Beck Band 9pm
Saturday  Christian Beck Band 9pm
Sunday    Casper 8pm

That is all for this weekend. But many of your favorites are already scheduled this summer. Trailer Park Nijas, Velcro Pygmies, Bob Gatewood, Mustang Sally, The Fulco Brothers, That Allie Girl, Mike Mad Dog Adams, Cleveland Breakfast Club, Reese Dailey band, Pat Shepard, Killer Flamingos, Benderz, Calabash, Emilys Toybox, Tricky Dick and the Coverups, Bluff Canucks, Paul Franks, Willow Hill, Sloppy Seconds, Hillbilly Casino. They will all be here this summer along with many more. I will do my best to keep everybody posted when everybody plays and even do reviews when I can. Plus I will have a few posts to make you think and maybe even laugh.

So 2024 season is here. We hope to see you at the Bay this year.

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