Downtown Dave Previews The Week (5/30-6/5) is happy to welcome back Downtown Dave! A short column by Dave Schafer, owner of Ashley’s Island House and friend of the site, Downtown Dave will share this week’s live music schedule at the Bay, as well as his thoughts on what’s what at PIB!

Downtown Dave is going to make you want to come to the Bay this holiday weekend. Here’s where we think you should stay!

This Week’s Live Music At The Bay!

Mr. Ed’s
Friday Mike Borwolf 12:30 Hunter Hoop 5pm Our Short Years 9:30
Saturday Kyle Mikolajczyk 12:30 Casper 5pm Our Short Years 9:30
Sunday Myles Mancuse 12:30 Casper 5pm Fun Buckets 9:30
Thursday Dakota and Leah 12:30 Hunter Hoop 5pm Fun Buckets 9:30

Round House
Friday That Band from Detroit 2pm Killer Flamingos 8:30
Saturday AJ Lynn Trio 2pm Killer Flamingos 8:30
Sunday AJ Lynn Trio 2pm Tony Salazar 8:30
Wednesday Screaming Heathens Duo 2pm Distractions 8:30
Thursday Screaming Heathens Duo 2pm Distractions 8:30

Boat House
Friday Jeff and Steve 5pm Reese Daily Band 9:00
Saturday Jeff and Steve 2pm Reese Daily Band 9:00

Beer Barrel
Thursday That Allie Girl 7pm
Friday That Allie Girl 2pm Jonnie and Rachel 6pm 28 Days 9:30
Saturday That Allie Girl 2pm Jonnie and Rachel 6pm 28 Days 9:30
Sunday That Allie Girl 2pm Jonnie and Rachel 6pm
Monday Lucas Guy 3pm Jonnie and Rachel 6pm
Tuesday Lucas Guy 3pm Jonnie and Rachel 6pm
Wednesday Lucas Guy 3pm Jonnie and Rachel 6pm

Reel Bar
Friday Bob Gatewood 7:30
Saturday Bob Gatewood 3pm Ray Fogg 7:30

Mojito Bay
Friday Myles Mancuso 4pm Brian Panke Trio 8pm
Saturday Michael Barwolf 12pm Myles Mancuso 4pm Brian Panke Trio 8pm
Sunday Brian Panke Trio 12pm Myles Mancuso 8pm
Monday That Allie Girl 8pm
Tuesday That Allie Girl 8pm
Wednesday Ben Beallas 8pm
Thursday Ben Beallas 8pm

Friday Reckless Highway 8pm
Saturday Pat Shepard 2pm Recklass Highway 8pm

The Keys

Friday        Stephan Ceremuga Trio 6pm
Saturday    Stephan Ceremuga Trio 6pm
Sunday      Stephan Ceremuga Trio 6pm

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Downtown Dave’s Thought(s) For The Week

Lets have some fun this week. For those that know me well I have 2 odd things about me. I have a fondness for Mickey Mouse. Because I never want to grow up. So every time I see my Mickey Mouse socks, Mickey Mouse watch or my Mickey Mouse phone case it makes me smile. It also makes me think to still look and things through a childs eyes. Also the ring tone on my phone is a duck. Why?? Well a duck when it gets wet just flaps its wings and the water just goes away. That is how I deal with stress. Just flap my wings and dry out and move on.
So this post is titled I want to be a kid again. Hopefully it will make you smile

I want to go back in time when….

Decisions were made by going eeny-meeny-miney mo
Mistakes were corrected by simply exclaiming do over
Race issue meant arguing about who ran the fastest
Money issues were handled by whoever was the banker in Monopoly
Catching fireflies could occupy an entire evening
Being old referred to anyone over 20
The worst thing that you could catch from the opposite sex was cooties
It is unbelievable that dodgeball is not an Olympic event
Having a weapon in school meant being caught with a sling shot
Getting a foot of snow was a dream come true
War was a card game
Water balloons were the ultimate weapon
Baseball cards in the spoke of bike wheels made your bike sound like a motorcycle
Saturday morning cartoons were not 30 minute ads for action figures
Spinning around and getting dizzy and falling down was always good for a few giggles
Ice cream was considered a basic food group
Taking drugs meant orange flavored chewable aspirin

I hope you enjoyed a few of my childhood memories

I will never completely grew up. Why because being a kid was so much fun. And why do we have to completely grow up. Have fun in your life. The best fun would be to come up to Put in Bay for a few days.
I hope to see all of you soon.

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