Downtown Dave Previews The Week (5/9-5/15) is happy to welcome back Downtown Dave! A short column by Dave Schafer, owner of Ashley’s Island House and friend of the site, Downtown Dave will share this week’s live music schedule at the Bay, as well as his thoughts on what’s what at PIB!

Downtown Dave is going to make you want to come to the Bay this weekend. Here’s where we think you should stay!

This Week’s Live Music At The Bay!

Mr. Ed’s
Friday and Saturday Cowtown Inc 9:30. Go and see them they are the reason for my thoughts above
Sunday Casper 8pm

Reel Bar
Friday Bob Gatewood 7:30
Saturday Ray Foggs first show on the island of 2024

Beer Barrel
Friday Kyle Smithers 2pm Jonnie and Rachel 5:30 Trade Winds 9pm
Saturday Kyle Smithers 2pm Jonnie and Rachel 5:30 Trade Winds 9pm

Round House
Friday Moxie Blitz 8:30 they are from Detroit
Saturday Mad Dog 2-5:30 Moxie Blitz 8:30
Sunday Ryan and Michelle 2pm and another show at 8:30

Mojito Bay
Friday Alan Carl 7-10 (weather pending)
Saturday Alan Carl 4-7 (weather pending)

Friday and Saturday Reese Dailey and Tom Lawson 5pm John Salamon 8pm

Fish Bowl
Friday Lee Warren 7-11
Saturday Lee Warren 12-4 DJ Mike D 7-12

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Downtown Dave’s Thought(s) For The Week

As I do this week’s post about the live music on Put in Bay I am listening to some great Classic rock. Most of the music I listen to is 40 – 50 years old. It is the music that I grew up with but it is also most of the music that is played in bars everywhere from Key West to Put in Bay. The songs from AC/DC, Billy Joel, Journey,Rolling Stones, Bob Segar, Poison,Bon Jovi, Queen are just some of the great bands whose songs are played everywhere on a nightly basis all over America.

What is interesting is that on a normal weekend on Put in Bay you will find people from 21-71 that know every word and sing along to every song. That same holds true when Mike Mad Dog Adams plays around town. Everybody knows the same songs and even the same jokes but they still go and see him.  I am just curious about 1 thing, What are future generations going to listen to when they go out. Are the generation that is not yet born going to still listen to Bon Jovi? Or will they be singing Taylor Swift? Or some new artist? I just do not hear any new good Rock music that is played out and about. Now that is the opposite of Country music. I actually think that Country should almost be called country/rock. I do hear bands playing new songs by Miranda, Jason Aldean, Morgan Wallen, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan and many others.

Nashville is getting so big with live music venues. I actually think Nashville is  the best place to hear live music from cover bands. Vegas is good with the residencies that are happening but they are so expensive. But that brings me to Put in Bay. Because we get bands from all over the USA. We have bands from Nashville, Key West, Pennsylvania, Indiana,Michigan and many other places. These are not just any bands but in order to travel you have to be good. We even have great duos and solos from around here that are really good. Check out Casper at Eds. You will be surprised at the range of music that he can do. So as always I will be out this weekend checking out all of the live music on the island. (We are only a few weeks away from live music 7 days a week) I hope to see all of you also. If you have any suggestions to my weekly column, mention them to me in person or send me an email at
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