Downtown Dave Previews The Week (9/28-10/4) is happy to introduce a new weekly feature, Downtown Dave! A short column by friend of the site Dave Schafer, Downtown Dave will provide some insight into what’s happening at the Bay any given week, as well as information on that weekend’s live music.
Dave Schafer is the owner of Ashley’s Island house, a 13-room bed and breakfast on the island. Learn more about it at or call 419-285-2844!

Downtown Dave is going to make you want to come to the Bay this weekend. Here’s where we think you should stay!

Downtown Dave’s Thought(s) For The Week

This weeks events are the hops and vine Festival. This is a new event replacing the wine festival. It will be downtown in the park. It should be a really cool event with many different wines to sample. The weather is going to be low 70s and sunny. Perfect weather for a visit. A lot of lodging places have gone to off season rates so that is another reason for a visit.

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Next weekend is Octoberfest and the Fall Ball  and that is always a real fun weekend. More on that in next weekends post.
Thought for the week
Life takes us down many different paths that help define who we are. It is our responses to our journey in life that further defines us. What we do brings people into our life at different stages of life. Not everyone will stay in your world…some will stay for only a moment…then be gone. Others will stay a lifetime and help make your days and nights more colorful and coat it with love along the way. Those are the ones you build your life around…those are your closest friends. This is what life is all about. This is the pinnacle time in your life…

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enjoy it and give thanks for so many of your friends that have walked with you for so many years.

 Put in Bay for me is filled with many friends that I lots of great memories with. But I still have many more memories to live. So if you do not have plans this weekend come up to Put in Bay and enjoy it with friends or make new friends.
Your life is not judged by the amount of money in the bank but it is judged by the number of people that you have made your friend.

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This Week’s Live Music At The Bay!

This time of the year live music is mostly on weekends. But I will continue to post all of the music that is here on the island so you can have a great evening when you come to visit. Do not forget to watch the various web cams because you will see what you are missing.
Friday       Moxie Blitz return for a 3rd time this year 8:30 – 12
Saturday   Michelle and Ryan 2-530 Moxie Blitz 8:30-12
Friday      Bob Gatewood 7:30
Saturday  Ray Fogg 7:30
Friday        Reese Daily and Tom Lawson  4pm  Bad Ju Ju out of Cleveland  9pm
Saturday    Reese Daily and Tom Lawson  2pm  Bad Ju Ju out of Cleveland  9pm
Friday       Bobby McManus 2pm Cowtown The name of the band tells you Country music 9pm
Saturday  Kyle Mikolajczyk 2pm Cowtown 9pm
Sunday    Casper 6pm
Friday      That Allie Girl 2pm Master TC and the Visitors 5:30 Jason Owens  9:30 pm
Saturday  That Allie Girl 2pm Master TC and the Visitors 5:30 Jason Owens  9:30 pm
Friday      Frankie and Ranke 8pm
Saturday  Frankie and Ranke 8pm
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