Annual Miller Boatline Stargazing Cruise

Your Stargazing Adventure Awaits August 8th!

Last year, there was a slight breeze for the Stargazing Cruise, about 75 degrees at sunset, and there was a nice lightning show to the south of us. And we had extraordinary clear skies for viewing the stars around Put-in-Bay Ohio! Around 200 people booked an island lodging for the night so they could come aboard the Miller Boat Line’s MV South Bass to enjoy the event. Snacks were provided by the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, and wine from Heineman’s Winery.

Hosts roamed among the passengers to answer questions and tell stories about the constellations, moon, and stars. We were able to see twelve of the Lake Erie Islands during the cruise. A special thanks to Miller Boat Line.

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Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

Aug  08 , 2022

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