May 2022 Gazette Front Page: Village Looks To Raise Revenue


Looks To

Raise Revenue

The Put-in-Bay Village Council is always looking for ways to increase revenue for the ever-increasing costs of running one of the two island communities’ governments.

There are costs for operating the police department and the water and sewage plants, keeping the roads in repair, maintaining its parks and buildings, operating the public docks, plus keeping up with yearly wage increases for multiple permanent and seasonal employees.

Put-in-Bay is unique because the demands of hundreds of thousands of visitors on a small community like ours drive the cost of government literally through the roof.

The Village Council is currently looking into increasing water and sewer rates due to several expensive projects. One is the cost for an EPA-mandated wastewater line to the Village’s water treatment plant at the end of Sybil Blvd. The other is making major repairs to the water tower at the utility department offices on Concord Ave.

Council is also discussing fees for parking on the streets and parking lots in the Village. Parking meters, a new high-tech collection using a cellphone app to pay for parking and permit parking have been discussed as options.

If you have input as to how the Village can raise additional funds, please attend a Village Council meeting and let the members know what you think. Meetings are usually on the first two Tuesdays of each month at 9 a.m. in the Town Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend and have a say. is proud to present the Put-in-Bay Gazette’s front page news for May 2022.

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