October 2021 Front Page News - Great Lakes Islands Alliance Summit

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Great Lakes Islands Alliance Summit Postponed

We want to thank all the Lake Erie Islands of Kelleys, Middle Bass Pelee, and South Bass generous support and sponsorship of the 2021 Great Lakes Islands Summit. As you may have heard, with the borders not fully opened between the US and Canada, the Great Lakes Islands Alliance (GLIA) has decided to postpone the in-person Summit this year out of respect to our Canadian members. Further, reluctance to travel during the pandemic threatened our attendance numbers on the U.S. side of the membership as well.

Plans are already underway to pivot to a winter virtual event, which is sure to attract a broad audience from around the Great Lakes and beyond. As for the Summit, GLIA is committed to holding the next Summit in fall 2022 on the Lake Erie islands. We anticipate it being the greatest Summit ever! GLIA is a volunteer-based network. Your support is crucial for GLIA to host these events. Sponsors will be recognized on our www.glialliance.org website and at each of these events.

GLIA remains busy on many other fronts. Peter Huston, GLIA project manager, will be making visits to all 16 member islands this fall to learn about local needs and raise awareness about GLIA. He is also working on several projects, including understanding common issues around ferries, linking efforts to increase broadband on islands, creating a video project between islands schools, developing a speakers series, and many other efforts. GLIA has also started engaging on social media www.facebook.com/glialliance.

Please let Peter (phuston@glialliance.org) know if you have questions.



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