Put-in-Bay Island Diary November 2022

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Island Diary November 2022

Tue., Nov. 1st – The main structures at the Crescent property on PIB’s main street are gone and now machinery is breaking up the concrete patios. The Village Council meets for its monthly workshop session. The only two of the six Council members there are Jeff Koehler and Judy Berry.
Wed., Nov. 2nd – Light fog on a flat Lake….several boats are seen leaving and entering the harbor with wakes that would get them in trouble if they did this during the summer boating season.
Thu., Nov. 3rd – Miranda Krueger from Lakefront Living Realty lets islanders know the 6.4 acre property on the corner of Niagara Ave. and Catawba Ave. is in contract to her buyers. The Nov. issue of Put-in-Bay Gazette is printed at DCI in Sandusky.
Fri., Nov. 4th – The Legion’s Feather Party takes place at the Town Hall after dinner. About 80 people attend and it’s very successful according to Legion Commander Ed Hubner. There’s a retirement party for Joey Wolf from the Anchor Inn, who served as an EMT at the PIBEMS for 15 years and worked as PIB Township Fiscal Officer for 11 years. It’s the end of the first quarter at PIB School and students get their report cards.
Sat., Nov. 5th – Stiff winds directly out of the south late in the day. Miller Boat Line cancels the last scheduled trip to and from the island due to extremely high winds. Gusts are in excess of 55 mph and cause damage around the island. A very large tree falls on Langram Rd. across from the quarry and blocks the road until it is cleared. Another maple limb breaks and destroys the cupola on the old Mammoth Cave building.
Sun., Nov. 6th – Laura Fogg from Airline Dr., Marc Wright from the Forge and Katie Stitak from Middle Bass run in the New York City Marathon to benefit their respective charities. At Miller’s Catawba Dock, more than double the amount of people and cars get off the last ferry from Middle Bass than from the last ferry from Put-in-Bay.
Mon., Nov. 7th – High for the day is 60 degrees at 1 a.m. On this date in 1986 the Harvest Dinner was taking place.
Tue., Nov. 8th – Islanders head to the Senior Center to vote. Both PIB levy issues, one for the PIB Twp. Park District and the other police expenses for the Township go down to defeat. The Village Council holds is monthly meeting and learns the fuel oil heating bill for the Town Hall will be about $13,000 over what was expected. They’re looking at an estimated $28,000 for the winter.
Wed., Nov. 9th – Enjoy the weather while you can. There are parent teacher conferences at PIB School so there’s no school for the kids. The PIB Panthers welcomed Northwest Ohio Classical Academy Spartans for a basketball scrimmage in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day on the Island and a great day for friendly basketball. If you drive past the Monument, you can see how the road will be relocated to accommodate the reconstruction of the north seawall.
Thu., Nov. 10th – Members of the PIB School Running Club take some laps after school. At Island Hardware & Market the summer doors are put away and the winter doors go up. The USCGC Bristol Bay (WTGB-102) is in the area working on putting away the island navigation aids.
Fri., Nov. 11th – It’s a bit rainy. Three deer are seen entering Heineman Woods by Put-in-Bay Rd. shortly before 8 a.m. The Veterans Day Dinner takes place at the Town Hall. The PIBHS Panther cheerleaders are serving the dinner prepared by Kelly, Dallas and Jennifer Mohn. Music teacher Gay Pippert-Ladd brings her students in to sing some patriotic songs.
Sat., Nov. 12th – There’s a bit of snow in the air for the first time this season. It’s the big 3-O birthday for the McCann triplets, Patrick McCann, Amanda McCann Gilles and Elizabeth McCann Goodman. Ray Fogg from the Reel Bar performs his first show of the off season at Rick’s in Key West.
Sun., Nov. 13th – Although overnight lows on the mainland are in the 20s, the temperature on Put-in-Bay doesn’t get below freezing. It’s the last day for the kitchen being opened at the Middle Bass General Store.
Mon., Nov. 14th – At the Senior Center there’s a program about fraud in the morning. Students Beckett Dobos, Aaron Hill, Caleb Kowalski and Nic Fiorilli are in Columbus at the Achievement Fair representing Put-in-Bay School. They featured coded math games and animated a fable using MIT’s Scratch platform. The Middle Bass General Store closes for the season and won’t be reopening until March.
Tue., Nov. 15th – it’s a busy November day on the island. Bayview Ave. is one lane as asphalt is put down in the rerouted road going by the Monument. The crew at Heineman Winery ends the grape harvesting season. Dee Dee Duggan, Barbara Rowles, Wendy Chambers, Jordan Jenkins, Sara Booker, Cheryll Rose, Paul Jeris are attending the Shores & Islands Ohio Annual Meeting at Sawmill Creek Resort in Huron. The PIB High School Quiz Bowl Team competes against St. Francis High School in the first meet of the season.
Wed., Nov. 16th – John Rees from New Colony Rd. in Duff Woods celebrates his 80th birthday. Wednesday night Euchre begins at PIB Yacht Club. Father Bob at St. Paul’s reports the Food Pantry at the entrance to the Undercroft will be open 24/7, but that the shelves need more stock. The PIBVFD conducts ladder training on Delaware Ave. Pasquale’s area in the evening.
Thu., Nov. 17th – Billy Market posts a heads up about a dicey weekend for ferry service. You can find his ferry service posts on Facebook or on the website at millerferry.com. Amanda Goaziou videos two bucks butting heads together in the woods at her home. The Holiday Bazaar takes place at the Town Hall in the late afternoon and early evening.
Fri., Nov. 18th – The temperature at the South Bass Island Lighthouse weather station falls below freezing for the first time this fall. After dinner, it’s in the 20s. The ferryboats quit running by mid afternoon. During the last trip leaving Middle Bass, freezing temperatures, near 30-mph winds and 5 to 8-foot, swells are reported. Wes Baker, Ed Hubner, Bob White and Father Bob Solon run into Mo Mary L. Staley while attending the Episcopalian Diocesan Convention in Cleveland. The following was printed in the Sandusky Register on this date in 1952. “First day of hunting season (on Kelleys Island), 142 hunters check 225 pheasants and 47 rabbits. Ted Lange, 64 passes away in the field from a heart attack. Another unnamed hunter shoots his own nose off.”
Sat., Nov. 19th – All ferry trips are canceled due to high wind and temps in the low 20s. With no ferry service, Jenny Stoiber, Justine Cultice and Maddie Pugh take a flight to the island together they will never forget. At the yacht club, the inaugural PIBYC Friendsgiving family Potluck is enjoyed by about 100 people. The club provides turkey and members bring a side to share.
Sun., Nov. 20th – Due to high wind and sub-freezing temps, it’s the second day in a row that there are no ferries. In a few places, there are tiny spots of snow on the ground that were left after the mini-squall went through the islands the evening before. Joan Booker and her daughter Sara are spotted rolling monkey balls down the center of one of the island roads. If you are wondering, monkey balls are the fruit of the Osage Orange tree. Joan says they keep spiders away.
Mon., Nov. 21st – There are ferries in the afternoon, no ferry service in the morning. There’s a potluck and an awards ceremony at the Town Hall for the families involved in the baton twirling club. Afterwards, the kids present a program upstairs for everyone. The Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service takes place in the evening at Mother of Sorrows.
Tue., Nov. 22nd – The PIB Village Council meets to discuss the 2023 budget and police department operations given the Township Trustees have signaled they want to contract with the Ottawa County Sheriff for police coverage and not with the Village. For some days now Lake Erie has been at a lower water level and islanders have enjoyed walking the reef from South Bass Island’s East Point Preserve out to Buckeye Island. Mike and Susan Byrnes go out kayaking an spot ice on the cliffs that froze during the last few windy 20-degree days.
Wed., Nov. 23rd – There’s no school for kids at Put-in-Bay who are off for the Thanksgiving break until Monday the 28th.
Thu., Nov. 24th – On Thanksgiving morning, approximately 30 people join together for the island’s first “Turkey Trot.” All ages and abilities were welcomed and costumes were even encouraged. Advantage is taken of the beautiful morning to walk, run or ride a 5k around everyone’s favorite island. Hopefully, this will become an annual event! The course is the “usual” 5k route down Catawba to the West Shore and back. First person to finish is Norah Blumensaadt on an electric scooter. The kitchen is closed, but the bar opens at Topsy Turvey’s after dinner. If you are on Middle Bass for Thanksgiving and need something from the Middle Bass General Store, you give Eddie a call and he’ll come down and open for you.
Fri., Nov. 25th – Miller Ferry goes on its extended season schedule. Connie Miller is seen walking the reef to Buckeye. Speaking of walking, Bobbi Dobos reports she walked a total of 7.7 miles around the island.
Sat. Nov. 26th – Don and Tami Dress run into Bill Timmerman and Bob Stone of the former Cargo Net at Dianna’s on the mainland at breakfast and say they’re looking great for being in their 90s. Unhappy Buckeye fans are packed in Put-in-Bay’s most popular off-season and off-campus bar, Topsy Turvey’s, for the big OSU/UofM game. We call it an off-campus bar, because Stone Lab on Gibraltar Island is only a short distance away and is one of OSU’s campuses. A handful of older islanders headed to the Senior Center to watch the big game together. In DeRivera Park the Christmas light display sponsored by the Recreation Committee is turned on for the holiday season.
Sun., Nov. 27th – It’s a rainy day as many islanders return from the mainland after being away over the Thanksgiving break. It’s the last day that season passes can be used on the ferry. It’s the last ferry of the season for Middle Bass.
Mon., Nov. 28th – It’s back to school for the island kids. The Panther Basketball teams are on the mainland playing Bowling Green Christian Academy. The Panther cheerleaders are also there. Sign up for the Gingerbread House contest begins at the library.
Tue., Nov. 29th – Members of the National Honor Society meet after school. There are two things going on at the Nature Center. There’s a birthday celebration for Renee Guy along with Giving Tuesday featuring a Wine and Candle pull.
Wed., Nov. 30th – There are gale warnings, rain, wind, small craft and low water advisories and a 20-degree difference between the high and low temperatures for the day. Miller Boat Line is unable to run any ferries due to high winds. The “Red Barn” behind the Round House Bar is torn down in the afternoon.


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