Put-in-Bay Island Diary September 2022

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Island Diary September 2022

Thu., Sept. 1st – It’s the first full day for the new webcam on the top of Perry’s Monument. Joey Wolf from the Anchor Inn officially retires from the PIB EMS after 17 years. Thank you, Joey, for your dedication.

Fri., Sept. 2nd – Ed Tancock, PIBHS Class of 1950, turns 90. Rudy Cooks broadcasts his show from Perry’s Cave. Past Commodore Brian Leonard is on the patio at the PIBYC providing live music. The Tug New York pushs a barge from Cleveland enroute to Detroit through the South Passage between PIB and Catawba early in the evening.

Sat., Sept. 3rd – Bill White from Put-in-Bay Rd. is having a big garage/barn sale as he prepares to turn over his property to a new owner. The Oktgoaterfest is taking at Das Lokal, the Biergarten at the Goat. There’s a party for Charlie Brown at Scarpelli’s dock on Squaw Harbor in the late afternoon. At the Middle Bass General Store fans are watching the OSU/Notre Dame game in the evening.

Sun., Sept. 4th – There’s rain in the morning and late Afternoon. It’s the last day for T&J’s Smokehouse at the old Crescent. The polka band at the Goat’s Oktgoaterfest heads home due to the threat of rain. A thousand-plus Cormorants and hundreds of Pelicans are seen moving south past the west point of Middle Bass. There’s a successful Trunk Show and Sale at Jane’s Island Grind on Middle Bass.

Mon., Sept. 5th – It’s the last day the Crew’s Nest pools are open. For White Spider night at the Lime Kiln Dock there’s a spectacular 7-minute fireworks display as the last ferry of the traditional close of the season departs for the mainland. On hand to provide entertainment for those gathered are Ray Fogg, Westside Steve, Charlie Wiener, That Allie Girl, and The Travelin’ Johnsons.

Tue., Sept. 6th – At the PIB Village Council meeting John Blanke from Trenton Ave. discusses with members his partners and his plans for the old Crescent property on Delaware Ave.. It will be torn down and a night club and pool will be built. Heineman Winery begins harvesting its Niagara grapes.

Wed., Sept. 7th – The sale of T&J’s Smokehouse final and a new group becomes owner of the 150-year-old former Crescent on Delaware Ave. Chef and sommelier Robby Lucas (PIBHS Class of 1999) presents five fine wines along with gourmet food pairings at the Reel Bar. Geraldo Rivera docks at the Middle Bass Island Yacht Club.

Thu., Sept. 8th – Joe Kostura tows a garden shed from Bayview Ave. down the street to the museum’s Resale Shop in the morning. At his home on Airport Rd., PIB’s Cigar Ambassador Richard Warren hosts a large group from HALO, a promotional products company. Everyone enjoys food from a seafood food truck. In 1963, 3000 people attend the sesquicentennial celebration of the Battle of Lake Erie.

Fri., Sept. 9th – Ray Fogg has a rare Friday afternoon show at the Roundhouse. Flags are lowered in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II who passed away at the age of 96 on Thursday. The flags of the U.S. and Ohio will be flown at half-staff until sunset on the day of interment.

Sat., Sept. 10th – The property owners association meets at the Senior Center and hears the “Story of French Fries” from Sara Booker and about the proposed levy to support the island parks. The Jet Express takes a group including the new Captain of the USS Lake Erie and several crew members to the site of the Battle of Lake Erie for a wreath laying ceremony. The PIB Twp. Port Authority had a public meeting at the Town Hall to view the plans for the new airport terminal. There are several score Ford Broncos taking part in the Broncos at the Bay Event. After being displayed at McCann’s Field, they take part in the Historic Weekend parade through downtown. Ty Burgess is the parade’s Grand Marshall. There’s a Memorial Ceremony and wreath laying in the Rotunda at the Monument with Keynote Speakers USS Lake Erie Captain Danielle DeFant and Colonel Tamara Crawford (US Army Retired). There’s an open house at Stone Lab on Gibraltar Island. In the late afternoon, a TBM Avenger, a WWII torpedo bomber, and Georgie’s Gal B25 do a fly over the Islands to show appreciation of the Islander’s continued support of the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, the Lake Erie Warbirds, the Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation and the EAA 1247 Tin Goose Chapter.

Sun., Sept. 11th – In observance of Patriot Day, flags are displayed on the Monument’s Upper Plaza representing each country that lost citizens during the September 11, 2001 attacks. Police, firemen and EMS personnel ride for free on the Jet Express in honor of those who served during the events of 9/11. Family and friends gather at Heineman Winery to celebrate the life of Ben Parker, aka Ben Dover. The Ohio Muffins and the Put-in-Bay Mossbacks face off in a 1860s rules vintage baseball game on the east lawn of the Monument in the afternoon. The after parade party for the antique car paraders takes place at the Goat. Debbie Fuchs from Bayview Ave. celebrates her 70th birthday.

Mon., Sept. 12th – It’s Grandparents Day at Put-in-Bay School, and many island student grandparents are in the gym taking part in a musical program with their grandkids. Miller Boat Line announces reduced schedule changes. The docks at Oak Point State Park are pulled. Two new DeRivera Park Trustees, Mark Lekanka and Ty Winchester, are elected at a meeting at the Town Hall in the early evening.

Tue., Sept. 13th – Kaetchen Eriksen Parker , PIBHS Class of 2000, celebrates her 40th birthday. Council meets and discusses signage for the new diagonal parking spots on Delaware Ave. Representatives from AT&T and Poggemeyer Design are on the islands accessing the damage caused by mounting cell phone equipment on the Village’s water tower.

Wed., Sept. 14th – A group from the Ohio Veterans Home Sandusky are on the island for the day. Some are spotted playing Bingo in the Village Park. The last Garden Club Meeting of the season takes place in the Cornerstone Room of Mother of Sorrows. There’s a program about cooking with herbs. There are even some tasty sample treats. Jackie Taylor is at the SBI Lighthouse giving a Monarch Butterfly presentation.

Thu., Sept. 15th – At the Township Trustee meeting there is a discussion about policing on the island. It appears most in attendance were not in favor of having the Ottawa County Sheriff provide police service for the Township. There is a bit of confusion on Delaware Ave. with the new diagonal parking when a wide delivery truck completely blocks traffic while being unloaded. Diane Nemec, Judy Barry, Chondra Richwine, Susan Byrnes and Berni Hineline kayak to Middle Bass.

Fri., Sept. 16th – Parking on Delaware Ave. is now restricted to angled parking of 4-passenger golf carts or smaller. No cars, trucks, or golf carts larger than 4-passenger are allowed at any time. There are several King Midget Car Club members with their cars touring the island. Another group on the island is the Gunfighters motorcycle club who are dressed in garb reminiscent of your typical motorcycle gang.. They are actually active and retired policemen come from 40 different states and 5 countries. Marv Booker, who has been recovering from a fall last winter, is taking a spin with a few family members on the CG-40587, the Coast Guard boat he served on years ago and has been in the process of restoring.

Sat., Sept. 17th – Berni Hineline from Fox’s Den and Jackie Taylor from East Point run the Miller Boat Line 5K in the morning and both place second in their age group. Brad Ohlemacher runs the 5K 7 minutes faster than his normal time. The PIB Twirling Club and the Westside Irish American Club Pipe Band performed in the blocked street in front of Hooligans to kick off Half Way to St. Patty’s Day. The two young ladies Irish dancing in sync were a real crowd pleaser. The Put-in-Bay Music Festival is taking place at The Boathouse Bar & Grill. Performers include EVOLUTION, The Good The Bad and The Blues, Colin Dussault Blues Project, The Reese Dailey Band, Frankie Starr and the Stamper Starr Band. The annual Clam Bake is taking place at the fire station. MBIYC is having lots of fun watching football and drinking Brandy Alexanders on a September evening! Docks are full again this weekend! Thanks to everyone for joining us!

Sun., Sept. 18th – There’s some butterfly tagging going on by the lighthouse, and the butterflies are in great abundance like in previous years. You can “adopt” a Monarch with a $10 donation and receive a certificate with the tag number of your butterfly to track its migration if recaptured. Put-in-Bay Township Park District members dedicate the Duff Woods Preserve with a ribbon cutting by the Duff brothers, Walter, Al and Marvin. The event is followed with a reception and Conservancy annual meeting at Heineman’s Winery. There are also tours of the Benson Ford Ship House going on the West Shore. Some of the sports cars taking part in the Put-in-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races arrive on the island. You can tell by the roaring sounds emanating from exhaust pipes. Jerry Baumert from Fox’s Den celebrates his 80th birthday with friends.

Mon., Sept. 19th – The lake water temperature off Gibraltar Island is 73 degrees. Lisa and Russ Brohl are picking Concord Grapes from the vineyard next to their house on Mitchell Rd. Among the pickers are Monk Nemec, Diane Nemec, Dave and Kat Holscott, Sandi Glauser and others. Kendra Koehler walks the trail at the new Duff Woods Preserve with her 7-year-old grandson Teddy and a deer runs right by them.

Tue., Sept. 20th – It’s official! It’s the 70th Anniversary of the first Put-in-Bay Road Races in 1952. After a great showing of cars at Heineman Winery, drivers proceed to run the original race route that started in the downtown, went out to the airport, around to Crown Hill and back to the Village. Some of the cars are so loud they can be heard by people on Middle Bass. There’s a group at the parsonage at St. Paul’s getting things ready for the new reverend, Bob Solon. Mayor Dress announces the Police Commission meeting scheduled for this evening is moved to next Tuesday citing ongoing, constructive developments between Put-in-Bay Village and PIB Township with regard to the 2023 policing contract. It’s Trivia Night at the Island Grind on Middle Bass.

Wed., Sept. 21st – It’s school picture day for the students on Put-in-Bay. All day you can hear the vintage road racers practicing and qualifying at the airport for the final races on Thursday. The Goat’s Biergarten, Das Lokal, is packed as it plays host to the very popular valve cover races in the evening.

Thu., Sept. 22nd – It’s a cool morning with temps in the high 50s and 20+ mph winds out of the northwest. The Ohio Dept. of Taxation is on the island auditing for resort tax and informally meets with Island officials in the morning. Out at the airport, PIB’s Legionnaires fire volleys to open the Road Races and the Island’s emergency responders take a turn around the race track with their F-150, Harley Trike, Ambulance, Pumper 4, Metropolitan and two track safety vehicles. There are lots of spectators for the races. Those who volunteered at the museum and Resale Shop this summer are treated to an appreciation lunch at Joe’s Bar. At school, the ladies volleyball team shuts out the team from Bowling Green Christian.

Fri., Sept. 23rd – Islanders awake to temperatures in the low 50s. It’s “Grill your own” Steak & Chicken Night at the PIB Yacht Club. Because Ottawa County has moved to “High” on the CDC Community Tracker, masks are now required in the Visitor Center and at Perry’s Monument.

Sat., Sept. 24th – It’s Island Garage Sale Away Day and people sure enjoyed finding some bargains. The Friends of Stone Laboratory (FOSL) Annual Meeting is taking place virtually before lunch. The meeting is open to all members, donors, and interested parties and will include an update on the past year. Tom and Paula Bartlett are banding birds at the Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve. There are Monte Carlo games, Blackjack, Big Six, Poker and other casino style games, on Delaware Ave. in the evening for the New Year’s at the Bay Celebration. The Crew’s Nest closes for the season with a beautiful fireworks display off one of the docks in front of the club.

Sun., Sept. 25th – The christening of the M/V Mary Ann Market, Miller Boat Line’s new ferry, takes place at Miller downtown dock in the afternoon. The new Reverend, Robert Solon, Jr., is presented with the keys to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Doris Hubschman from the West Shore celebrates her 90th birthday.

Mon., Sept. 26th – PIB High School students learned about the election process and the importance of local elections during a visit from 89th Ohio House of Representatives hopeful Jim Obergefell and his campaign manager Heather Griffiths came. Melinda McCann Myers celebrates her birthday and the beginning of birthday week for herself and her two siblings, Mary and Michael. Strong westerly winds lower the water level in PIB’s harbor.

Tue., Sept. 27th – There’s a DIY tie dye T-shirt program at the Erie Islands library in the afternoon. The Police Commission meets and Mayor Jessica Dress says she will hopefully be presenting a policing contract to the Township Trustees in just a few days.

Wed., Sept. 28th – Members of PIB’s American Legion Post are treated to dinner at the Goat to celebrate the post’s 101st anniversary. The Miller Boat Line employee party takes place at the Boathouse.

Thu., Sept. 29th – Joan Rhoad from Lakeview Allotment and Michael McCann from the Roundhouse are celebrating birthdays, plus Barry and Phoebe Koehler from Chapman Rd. are celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Fri., Sept. 30th – Mary McCann from the Boathouse celebrates her birthday, and Carl and Chris Krueger from Mojito Bay and the Surf Shop celebrate their anniversary.


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