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New Feature, Deal Of The Week!

Each week on our blog, we’re going to feature what we hope is a great deal for the weekend! We’re going to be seeking out vendors all over the island, and trying to get something special set up for you every weekend. Some weekends will be better than others I’m sure, but I think we’re starting off really nice, with not one, but two great deals for our readers!

Grand Opening Of Noble Cut Distillery

We’re starting with big news, a grand opening! Noble Cut Distillery has opened a location at Put-in-Bay! It’s located between Lester’s Taco Stand and Lovella’s, underneath the Tree Bar. They distill whiskeys, Cellos and vodkas, most notably the new Shiphouse Vodka, with the bottle modeled after our famous Benson Ford Ship House! And Noble Cut Distillery is a quick friend of the Island Guide, agreeing to participate in our inaugural Deal of the Week! If you want to learn more about Noble Cut Distillery, which you should, check out their official press release announcing the new PIB location at the end of this blog!

10% Off Storewide (Excluding Alcohol Sales)

To celebrate the opening, Noble Cut Distillery is offering 10% off storewide to anyone who shows on their phone that they have “Liked” the Put-in-Bay Island Guide on Facebook! Now that, of course, excludes sales of alcohol, because that would be illegal! But all that shiny new merch in there? 10% off! Get an awesome souvenir of your Memorial Day weekend at the Bay! Maybe a t-shirt, or a nice mug to drink out of at home? Or all of the above and more! It’s all 10% off to fans of the Island Guide!

Before We Get To Deal #2, Check Out These Quick Links!

$5 Off A Golf Cart At The Golf Cart Depot

This deal won’t last long, we know it, especially Memorial Day weekend, so you better claim this one Friday evening! For as long as the Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot has carts this weekend, show the Island Guide on your phone and get $5 off your cart rental! Golf carts are in incredible demand on Memorial Day weekend always, and especially with this weather, so don’t delay on this one. Don’t even finish this sentence! GO! Well, first call the Golf Cart Depot at 419-800-2278 and make sure they still have some carts. But then GO!!!

Noble Cut Distillery Press Release

Noble Cut Distillery Opens New Location at Put-in-Bay

Columbus-based distillery’s second location finds home near famed Benson Ford Shiphouse, inspiration for one of its small-batch offerings.

Columbus, OH – Noble Cut Distillery announced today the opening of a new location on Put-in-Bay, near the famed Benson Ford Shiphouse. Located in the Columbus suburb of Gahanna, Noble Cut Distillery has been producing award-winning craft spirits with an emphasis on natural flavors and unique offerings since 2015. Noble Cut Distillery Put-in-Bay marks the first expansion for the brand.

This new location on Put-in-Bay is special to us for a couple of reasons,” says Shawn O’Reilly, CEO of Noble Cut Distillery. “Not only is it the residential home of one of our owners, but we have a strong customer base on the northern shore of Ohio and want to bring our products closer to our fans.”

The location will feature enhanced tastings and the opportunity to learn the background and history of the spirits. Visitors will have the option to purchase Noble Cut’s flavored whiskeys, Cellos, and vodkas, as well as specially made, small-batch Shiphouse Vodka.

Noble Cut Distillery has been producing Shiphouse Vodka since 2022 in conjunction with the owner of the actual Benson Ford Shiphouse, Bryan Kasper of Sandusky. The unique offering comes in a bottle shaped like the Shiphouse itself, and the product is known for being extremely clean and neutral. Shiphouse Vodka is distilled six times from 100% American-grown grain, then filtered 10 times through activated charcoal filters. Due to the extra time taken in filtering, batches are only produced 200-300 gallons at a time. In April 2023, the spirit was awarded Double Gold at the famed San Francisco International Spirits Competition.

Double Gold is awarded to a spirit that received a gold rating from every judge on the panel and is a testament to the quality put into every bottle,” notes Tony Guilfoy, co-owner and head distiller of Noble Cut Distillery. “We’re so proud of this product and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to open a new location just a few miles away from its inspiration.”

In addition to purchasing Shiphouse Vodka bottles on-site at the distillery, Put-in-Bay residents and visitors can find it on cocktail menus throughout the island. The Noble Cut Cocktail Passport will highlight featured locations for consumers to enjoy a cocktail and get a stamp, then once the passport is filled, it can be redeemed for a prize at the distillery.

While Shiphouse Vodka will continue to be produced in Columbus, Noble Cut Distillery Put-in-Bay will distill small-batch offerings annually to be released on location.


Noble Cut Distillery Put-in-Bay, located at 280 Delaware Ave., is open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Memorial Day through Labor Day.

About Noble Cut Distillery

Noble Cut Distillery is an award-winning craft distillery with an emphasis on natural flavors and unique spirits founded in 2015 and based in Gahanna, Ohio. Noble Cut features three product lines of their own, flavored whiskey, Cello, and Vodka, and also produces Shiphouse Vodka and DanHattan Barrel Aged Manhattan. The Cello line has received national recognition as one of the top liqueurs in the country, and the whole spirits portfolio has been featured at many of the clubs on Broadway in Nashville, including Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean’s restaurants. Noble Cut products can be purchased throughout the State of Ohio, parts of Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and online at More information can be found at

About Shiphouse Vodka

Shiphouse Vodka is the brainchild of Bryan Kasper, owner of the famed Benson Ford Shiphouse on Put-in-Bay, and produced by Columbus, Ohio-based Noble Cut Distillery. Shiphouse Vodka is made from Wheat and Corn, which are distilled multiple times to create a smooth and crisp taste, and was awarded Double Gold at the 2023 San Francisco Spirits Competition. Shiphouse Vodka is available at Noble Cut Distillery’s locations in Gahanna, Ohio and Put-in-Bay, as well as spirits retailers throughout the state of Ohio and online at More information can be found at

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