Reel 'Em In! Fishing At The Bay In 2024

Put-in-Bay Is Fishing Paradise In Spring!

Springtime marks the beginning of the walleye season, and Lake Erie is renowned for its abundance of walleye. Lake Erie offers the perfect habitat for walleye to thrive, and the spring walleye spawn is happening in the waters surrounding the Bay as we speak. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to hook into some walleye. cannot wait to welcome you up to South Bass Island in 2024 to come catch some fish!

During the spring season, from early April to late May, along the shoreline, anglers can also find perch, crappie, rock bass, and smallmouth bass. As summer sets in, catfish abound, and walleye migrate to the deeper waters surrounding the island. And as fall arrives, fish return to the shallower waters around the islands, providing ample opportunities for memorable angling adventures. But by far the best fishing of the year is right now at PIB!

Bringing Your Own Boat To Put-in-Bay

By far the most popular lodging option for people bringing their own boats is the Island Club ( The Island Club has ample parking, plug ins for your boat, and a fish cleaning table right out front. It’s the perfect week long fishing outing, and the Island Club hosts many guests that come year after year after year, from all round the country, especially Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Dakotas. They drive halfway across the country because the fishing is just. That. Good! So if you want to join the pros and take part in this annual tradition, the best place to do it, boat or no, is the Island Club!

These Are Our Top Lodging Picks For 2024 At The Bay

Fishing Charters For A Day-Long Excursion

So you don’t have a boat of your own. Are you going to let that stop you? Get together with some friends and call Captain Bruce! The Put-in-Bay Charter Fishing Service offers half day, full day, and executive outings to help you make the most of your trip to Put-in-Bay. The Put-in-Bay Charter Fishing team know everything there is to know about fishing around South Bass Island. What’s the weather like? How deep into the walleye spawn are we? Whatever the variables, they’ll know exactly where to take you so you can empty your coolers of beer and fill them with fish!

Even The Shores Yield Some Great Catches

If you aren’t a huge fisherman, but you think you might like to incorporate a little fishing into a regular ol’ Put-in-Bay getaway, that’s a great idea too. There are great shore spots all over the island that are known to yield fish. We recommend checking out the South Bass Island State Park to start. Sure, you won’t do as well as if you were out on the water, but you know what they say: the worst day of fishing beats the best day of work!

Put-in-Bay Quick Links

Planning A Bachelor Party? You Know What To Do!

Planning a bachelor party and looking for a unique and unforgettable experience? A fishing trip to Put-in-Bay is the perfect choice. Gather your closest friends and embark on a fishing adventure unlike any other. Spend the day bonding over shared excitement as you reel in walleye after walleye, swapping stories and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Once the time out on the water is complete, head to the downtown area of Put-in-Bay for hot food, cold drinks, and the kind of bachelor nights that only Put-in-Bay can provide.

Spend A Little Spring At Put-in-Bay Reelin’ ’em In!

Put-in-Bay, Ohio, is more than just a fishing destination—it’s a springtime paradise waiting to be explored. With its abundance of walleye, picturesque scenery, and endless recreational opportunities, it’s the perfect destination for your next fishing getaway or bachelor party. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping fishing action or laid-back island vibes, Put-in-Bay has something for everyone. So pack your gear, gather your friends, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on the shores of Lake Erie.

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