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It can be hard to stay in shape during vacation. Luckily, Muscle Bay on Put-in-Bay makes it easy for visitors, whether they stay all summer or only a few days, to keep up their exercise regime. This is the islands first gym ever!

Muscle Bay Fitness Details

Muscle Bay Fitness is located on the southern point of the island at 1961 Langram Road. It is a short ride up Langram from the Lime Kiln Docks as well as the Put-in-Bay Airport.

During the summer season, Muscle Bay is open daily with shorter hours on the weekend. The schedule changes after labor day.

The facility consists of a large and stylish room full of the latest in workout equipment. The weightlifting and cardio equipment are all state of the art. The staff keeps a tidy spot, making sure customers enjoy every minute of their workout, not matter how grueling. The entire space is lined in wood beams and include inspirational quotes to help you keep going!


Muscle Bay offers a range of classes and workshops throughout the summer. One of their most popular program is Women’s Self Defense. You can schedule individual or group classes. Even one class of self defense can help you gain immense amount of self-confidence and that’s priceless! They also Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Personal Training Sessions

Muscle Bay’s personal training sessions are excellent. Choose from one or more of their uniquely structured sessions and leave feeling amazing. Beginners can purchase the “How To Build Muscle” Introduction Session, which includes tips on how to protect your floors with a mat under my treadmill and how to get the most out of your workout while also staying safe.

Those more advance can select the “Upper Body Pool Pump” to maximize their skill on the weights. There are so many different sessions to choose from, all led by expert personal trainers. The trainers understand that everyone is different and cater to your body and fitness level to give you the best experience imaginable.

Punch Cards

Put-in-Bay is host to visitors all summer along and some only stay for a short time. Some come back again and again. Muscle Bay Fitness offers punch cards, which gives you the flexibility to use it as you go. It is also an awesome gift to give a friend heading to the island. Everyone lives it up while they’re here and why shouldn’t they! Muscle Bay just makes sure you don’t head home with excess baggage.

Group Parties

Put-in-Bay has a reputation as an party island and Muscle Bay is no exception. In such a welcoming environment, groups of all kinds love having a good time while gaining strength, flexibility, and increased cardio. They accommodate groups of any size for training sessions. Parties have included Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, birthdays, and work groups.


Show your love of Muscle Bay all year long with a variety of muscle tanks and tees. Purchase them online or onsite and wear them with pride! Each one features their logo in a powerful, fun design. You can also purchase punch cards and personal training sessions, for you or a friend.


1961 Langram Rd, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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