Put-in-Bay Island Diary September 2020

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Island Diary September 2020

Tue., Sept. 1st – There is a special meeting of the Village Council following the regular first-Monday workshop session. The purpose was for Council to address personnel matters, including without limitation entering into enter Executive Session to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or official. Fire Chief, Greg Dobos, helps a stranded boat that hit Buckeye Reef. Several members of the PIBVFD, PIBPD and EMS help launch Greg’s jet ski into the water off the rocks of East Point.

Wed., Sept. 2nd – It’s pretty quiet on the island, probably due to rain in the afternoon.

Thu., Sept. 3rd – At Heineman Winery, they’re pressing Niagara grapes, the first to be harvested for the year. Nine rows of Niagara were picked and pressed all on the same day. The Boardwalk is serving its Tarpon Springs Shrimp Special. The finest Key West Pink Shrimp are served steaming hot with Feta cheese, olive oil, “Old Bay,” lemon and butter on Pita bread.

Fri., Sept. 4th – Nancy Tanner, the gardener at the Monument, is trying out some new flower bed edging equipment. Dustin Heineman learns how to drive a Model T, the one is Grandpa Louie bought years ago. Jack and Kyle Wertenbach got the 95-year-old running so it could go to a new home off island.

Sat., Sept. 5th – The Annual meeting takes place at the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club. There’s a retirement cake for Barb Chrysler who is retiring from her job as manager of the club. There are a lot of “Trump 2020” flags on many of the docked boats. Over on Middle Bass they are drawing the winning ticket for the Yeti Cooler raffle which will benefit the MBI Historical Museum. Many of the boats in the harbor leave due to a storm threat for the next day. Jeff Niese is LifeFlighted off the island and ends up in ICU at Firelands Hospital in Sandusky.

Sun., Sept. 6th – The first of the two Labor Day Weekend antique car parades takes place in the afternoon. JD Owen entertains a group at the Kasper’s Benson Ford ship home on the West Shore.

Mon., Sept. 7th – A wind, lightning and rain storm goes through the islands between 5 and 6 a.m. The webcams at the Put-in-Bay Jet Express Dock catches the multiple lightning flashing in all its glory. Marissa Rence awakes to find a huge tree limb has fallen on her B&B. on Put-in-bay Rd. There are reports of “Biden for President” signs in front yards on Mitchell Rd. being run down or taken. It’s Labor Day, but there is no “Last Boat Send-off” at the Lime Kiln Dock. Ray Fogg and Bob Gatewood are entertaining at the Reel Bar to help celebrate the end of the traditional season.

Tue., Sept. 8th – Ty Winchester is busy hosing down street next to Pasquale’s. The Monarch Butterflies are crossing Lake Erie from Canada making their journey to Mexico for the winter. Jackie Taylor observes over 200 off of North Bass Island.

Wed., Sept. 9th – It’s foggy in the morning and you can’t see the top of Monument. There’s actually a chill in the air. Rose Kahler, Sally Duffy, Anne Dailey and Joan French enjoy dinner at the Goat while conflabulating. There’s a wine tasting event at the Reel Bar.

Thu., Sept. 10th – The island men who play golf on the mainland leave Put-in-Bay in a light drizzle. Lisa Brohl begins picking the concord grapes from the small vineyard next to her house on Mitchell Rd. In the evening, the staff at the Goat enjoys their employee party.

Fri., Sept. 11th – A cool wind from Canada invites those on the island to wear long-sleeved outerwear for the first time.

Sat., Sept. 12th – Because Art in the Park is cancelled, Jessie Greene from Jessie’s Jewelry hosts Art in the Parking Lot at the Keys. Several artist tables are set up with displays and unique items for sale. The annual Stone Lab Open House is cancelled. At the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club the Wave Weekend Sailing Series continues. There is some Monarch butterfly tagging going on at the South Bass Island Lighthouse. It’s football weekend in many of the island bars. Realtor Rudy Cooks has a tour of some of the Island properties he has listed. In the evening there’s a mini harbor illumination.

Sun., Sept. 13th – Best wishes to Capt. Russ and Lisa Brohl who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. There is very little sign of harmful algae blooms around the islands. Miller Boat Line has a little fireworks celebration at Lime Kiln for the last trip of MBL’s Summer Schedule.

Mon., Sept. 14th – Dustin Heineman heads to North Bass with a group of fellows to pick the first grapes from the vineyards Heineman Winery leases from the state. The Chamber of Commerce holds its monthly meeting at the pavilion at the Island Club. Mary Ann Meyers from the West Shore announces a Back to School Sale of Mary Kay cosmetic products.

Tue., Sept. 15th – Mike Goebel from the Forge is celebrating his birthday. Chef F and Brandon Monts of former Crescent Tavern glory serve up their famous prime rib dinner at Frosty’s. The Ohio Supreme Court on Wednesday rules the Village of Put-in-Bay’s tax on businesses that rent golf carts, trams and other vehicles is constitutional, affirming an appeals court’s ruling.

Wed., Sept. 16th – At PIB School, Grade 3 reading MAP testing is going on.

Thu., Sept. 17th – Bill and Alice Boag throw a party for friends who all vacation at Perdido Key in the panhandle of Florida in the winter. Enjoying the Royal Red shrimp especially flown in from Joe Patty’s Seafood in Pensacola for the occasion by the Boag’s were Barb Chrysler, Barb Hunter, Jim French, Mark and Mary Myers, Debbie Larcey, Jeff and Kendra Koehler and Listen to Larry Schrader and his bride Kathy.

Fri., Sept. 18th – It’s school picture day at Put-in-Bay School. Due to Coronavirus restrictions, all pictures are taken outside on the front porch of the School. The ENE winds continue to blow. Ford Broncos are arriving by the dozens on the Miller Ferry.

Sat., Sept. 19th – The PIB Property Owners Association meets for the last time of the season at the Perry Cave Pavilion. Speakers are Jake Market from Miller Boat Line who updates progress on the new ferry, the M/V Mary Ann Market, Capt. Mark Hummer from the PIBPD, and Ottawa County Emergency Management Deputy Director Mark Drusbacky. The group awards checks to the PIB Vol. Fire Dept. and the PIBEMS. There is a memorial service in the late morning for “Aunt Pat” Page at Maple Leaf Cemetery. The 2nd annual “Broncos on the Bay” is taking place in the NPS Peace Park across from the Dairy Isle. It is followed by a parade and a hog roast. For the ethnically challenged, many of the downtown watering holes are celebrating Halfway to St. Patty’s Day with Irish colors and decorations. At the Goat Soup & Whiskey people enjoy “OktGoaterFest” in the Biergarten with a live polka band, Hungarian Goulash brats and imported Austrian Stiegl Bier. The annual PIB Vol. Fire Dept. Clambake doesn’t take place due to Covid, but for those clambering for a seafood fix, there are clambake dinners available at the Chicken Patio.Funeral services for Karl Schmidlin take place over on Middle Bass Island.

Sun., Sept. 20th – Mother Mary holds services online from the backyard of St. Paul’s. At the PIB Yacht Club, workers are removing the temporary decking on their dock that was needed this summer because of the high water. We wonder if the workers hit the brunch and bloody mary bar before they started on the project or after they were finished. The 2nd last official antique car parade of the season takes place.

Mon., Sept. 21st – It’s deadline day for the artists participating in the paddle decorating and painting auction to benefit the Chamber of Commerce. The paddles and oars will go on display on the 24th. You can bid on the paddles online at www.32auctions.com/pibpaddles from October 1st until October 7th at 10 a.m.

Tue., Sept. 22nd – Dan Savage, xxx Terry Travis and Cindy Clausen from the museum are working at Kay Drake’s cottage getting ready for the estate sale which takes place on the coming weekend’s Island Wide Garage Sale. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the museum. Rachel Maddow was talking about the 2004 water crisis at South Bass Island again on her nightly cable TV program.

Wed., Sept. 23rd – The Rules/Ordinance Committee of the PIB Village Council holds another meeting at the Town Hall to discuss golf cart issues. Marissa Rence is spotted riding little 4-year old Liesl Jackson’s bike in the Goat parking lot. Heidi Ladd finds a baby snake swimming in her washing machine. A group of island women gather to celebrate Kristin Stanford’s birthday.

Thu., Sept. 24th – Did you see any of the century-old cars that toured the island today? They were from the Snappers & Brass A.A.C.A. car group. The pre-1915 cars are on display at Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center. The 4th and 5th graders at PIB School are taking MAP Testing for Math. The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy and their partner, the Put-in-Bay Township Park District, hold a dedication ceremony at the Cooper’s Woods Preserve in the afternoon. There’s a champagne celebration following the ceremony at the Goat.

Fri., Sept. 25th – Laura Booker Coviello and her brother Eric Booker are selling an accumulation of many Boardwalk items in a huge yard sale behind Ashley’s Island House.

Sat., Sept. 26th – It’s Island Wide Garage Sale Day! The traffic of buyers is terrific…same as the weather. With 42 stops on the “Sale Away Weekend and Garage Sale” map, put out by the Chamber of Commerce, it’s hard to get to them all. One of the stops is at the island home of Kay Drake, on the West Shore. Dan Savage is conducting a two-day estate sale of her household which benefits the Lake Erie Island Historical Society. Six days of fall bird banding begins at the Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve. The new president of the Friends of Stone Lab group, Michelle Pennington, is chosen at the annual FOSL meeting. There are fireworks over the Bay after dark in honor of the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Schuffenecker.

Sun., Sept. 27th – The Resale Shop at the island museum closes for the season. The last official antique car parade takes place. John Glauser, Put-in-Bay Township’s longtime maintenance person on Middle Bass Island regretfully resigns his position. The Goat ends its lunch and dinner service for the season, but their bar will remain open on game days. The Biergarten will be open daily weather permitting.

Mon., Sept. 28th – If you check the internet website that forecast harmful algal blooms, you find no sign of them at all in the entire western basin of Lake Erie. That’s good news for the islands. The islands get a pleasant, but cooling rain.

Tue., Sept. 29th – Celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary with dinner at the Reel Bar are Barry and Phoebe Koehler. Joan Rhoad is celebrating her birthday at the Reel Bar, too.

Wed., Sept. 30th – Miller Boat Line cancels the last boat to and from the mainland in the early morning, due to predicted 45 MPH gusts. The Red Moon at the Round House Bar is hosting a “Roaring 20s” themed event in the evening.

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