Griffing Flying Service

Griffing Flying Service offers flights to and from Put-in-Bay with their fleet of impressive aircrafts. This is an exciting and stylish way to arrive on the island. It is also quite reasonably priced.

Griffing Flying Service Details

All Lake Erie Island flights depart from and return to the Erie Ottawa International Airport in Port Clinton, OH with parking is available at the airport for $2.00 per day. Baggage is limited to 35 lbs per person. Please use soft luggage such as a duffle bag. Limit coolers to 40qt. size and avoid cube coolers as they may not fit on the aircraft.

Check-in is fifteen minutes prior to departure.

Their expert team of pilots make for a comfortable and safe flight to the islands. Enjoy views of Lake Erie, Canada, and the surrounding islands with a unique birds eye perspective. A flight with Griffing Flying Service allows you to really soak in the beautiful landscape and see things you would miss if traveling by ferry.


● Adult – $46.75 one-way
● Children (age 3-9) – $23.50 one-way
● Babies (2 and under) and cats/dogs – no charge


Griffing Flying Service maintains a fleet of five different planes. The King Air B200 – N450S seats up to 8 passengers with a cruising speed of 315 MPH. This executive charter is equipped with radar and de-ice boots for flight in all weather conditions. This is a good choice for the longer trips and those who are on a tight schedule.

The Britten-Norman Islander carries up to 8 passengers with a cruising speed of 150 MPH and a 500 mile range. This is the most common craft used for island trip. The Piper Saratoga is excellent for fair weather flying and short trips such as the island charters and other scenic tours. It can fly at a speed of 150 MPH with a range of 750 miles.

A small plane with a 3 passenger capacity, the Piper Archer flies at a speed of 140 MPH and a range of 600 miles. Finally the Piper Cherokee provides an economical flight with very stable flight characteristics. This plane is often used for flight training.

Founded in 1937 by Harry Thomas Griffing, Sr. and his wife Sue, Griffing Flying Service maintains a stellar reputation for both charter flights and pilot instruction throughout the midwest. Instruction is available year round, seven days a week for many different levels of flight training from dawn to dusk.

You can train in your own aircraft or rent an aircraft directly from Griffing.

Griffing can also assist you with buying and selling aircraft.

The Put-in-Bay Airport

Your Griffing Flying Service flight lands you at Put-in-Bay Airport. This two runway airport is open year round and accepts arrivals and departure from dawn to dusk. The runways very well maintained, paved and modern, but not lighted. No departures are allowed after dusk.

The Airport is located on the east side of the island. Arrivals can easily call schedule a pickup from the Island Club Taxi Service to take them to their lodging. The Put-in-Bay Airport is also home to Helicopter and Bi-Plane rides if you want to experience more flying fun while vacationing.

(419) 734-5400

1494 Langram Rd, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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