Heineman Winery Shopping

The Heineman Winery Gift Shop allows you to take home a piece of one of the most unique attractions on South Bass Island, Heineman Winery. Located a less than a mile from the Village of Put-in-Bay, this gift shop sells bottles of the delicious wine made right on site at the winery.

The Heineman Winery Gift Shop Details

Open daily from mid April to late October from 11am – 7pm and 12pm – 7pm on Sundays, the Heineman Winery Gift Shop is open the same hours as the Winery and the Crystal Cave.

An afternoon spent on the Heineman property is always quite fascinating. Start your day with a tour of the Crystal Cave. Then move on to a tour of the winery and grounds. With over 50 acres of vineyards, the Heineman family and other local growers are able to create delicious wine. The price of the tour also includes a glass of Heineman wine.

Now head to the Wine Garden and enjoy a tasting of their award winning wines or simply a glass! They serve cheese plates alongside the wine. Now it is time to head to the gift shop and stock up on all that amazing wine to bring home with you.

Heineman Wines

• Merlot
• Watersnake Noiret
• Sweet Catawba
• White Riesling
• Island Chablis
• Crystal Cave Champagne

Specializing in sweet and Iced wine, winery favorites include Pink Catawba and Niagara, a medium sweet white wine.

Bottles are also available online but please note they can only ship within Ohio. They are all reasonably priced with nothing exceeding $20. Bring a bottle home or two for dinner or an entire case to enjoy year round.

The Heineman Gift Shops also sells Crystal Cave souvenirs such as geodes, crystals, and gems.

The Heineman Winery

The island’s oldest winery, the Heineman family has produced wine since 1888. It is also the only winery to survive Prohibition. Founded by German immigrant, Gustav Heineman, their unique location and some quick thinking on the part of Gustav’s grandson, saved their business.

The Lake Erie Islands are perfect for grape growing because of the tempering effects of Lake Erie. With a climate far closer to France or Italy than the rest of Ohio, the soil is also ideal for producing superior grapes. By the time Prohibition was passed, there were 17 other wineries on the island.

Norman Heineman quickly realized he was sitting on a gold mine in the form of the largest geode in the world. Interestingly enough, The Crystal Cave isn’t a cave at all but a vug, or large cavity within a single rock. Discovered by miners in 1897, the geode is is lined with strontium sulfate, a bluish mineral called celestite that emits a soft blue light within the silence of cave. Crystals protrude from the walls at lengths of up to three feet.

Along with grape juice production and taxi rides, Norman began offering tours of the caves. This income helped the family ride out Prohibition and they quickly returned to winemaking in 1933. The winery is still owned by the Heineman Family today!

(419) 285-2811

978 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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