The Bucket Shop

The Bucket Shop is the go-to place for fans of the world renowned Round House Bar. Commemorate your time at the Round House and Put-in-Bay by purchasing swag at The Bucket Shop to bring home with you.

The Bucket Shop Details

Located right on Delaware Avenue across from DeRivera Park, The Bucket Shop and the Round House are smack dab in the middle of all the action. Next door neighbors including the mouth-watering Chicken Patio and the historic Park Hotel. The bar is open from 12pm – 2am everyday.

Items include hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, earrings, and blankets. Show your love for the Round House by donning a pair of classic red bucket earrings. The Round House is famous for their red buckets of beers served all day long. There are also dog leashes, drink containers, even wine barrels!

They also specialize in silly socks in every color of stripes. Buy a few pairs of their iconic Christmas socks with “Naughty/Nice,” “Fruit/Cake,” or “Snow/Flake” printed on the stripes.

Baseball hats come in a range of styles including pre-distressed. Bring home a special gift for those friends left on the mainland or treat yourself to a special souvenir. See some of their offerings on the Round House website.

The Round House Bar

The Round House has long been an island favorite since its early days as the Columbia Restaurant. Built in 1873, the Columbia was famous for serving up ice cold beer, ice cream, and cottage cheese. They ingeniously used iced harvested from Lake Erie during the winter months to keep thing cool all summer long. Lake Erie become instrumental in the ice harvesting business thanks to such Put-in-Bay luminaries as Valentine Doller.

The Round House is easily spotted because of its signature round shape, bright white and red stripes, and round bar inside. The McCann family purchased the building in the 1950’s and owned it ever since.

The family was responsible for painting the exterior the iconic red and white it is today. They also commissioned two island dwellers to stitch together the canopy hanging from the ceiling. The interior is adorned with local artist Canoe Bob’s murals.

The iconic red neon “WHISKEY” light turns on alerting folks the bar is open. There is even a special WHISKEY lighting ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the summer season.

Entertainment and Dining

The atmosphere is always fun, friendly, and brimming with good times. Known for its musical acts, live music is heard every day during the summer season. Mike “Mad Dog” Adams is always one of the most popular acts. His unique one-man comedy and music act has been entertaining island folk for over 35 years.

Enjoy a dinner of wine-basted chicken at Chicken Patio before heading over for a night of revelry at the Round House. They haven’t changed their recipe since their start more than fifty years ago. And why should they! This succulent chicken regularly wins awards for the best chicken in the area. Served with potato salad, corn on the cob, and a dinner roll.

Even after a night of fun at the Round House, don’t forget to bring home those souvenirs!

228 Delaware Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

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