The Ford Tri-Motor Comes To Put-in-Bay This Weekend!

Ford Tri-Motor Tour Visits The Bay

It’s a special occasion this weekend, as Put-in-Bay welcomes back a yearly-ish visitor, and one of the coolest visitors it gets all year. The Tin Goose, aka the Ford Tri-Motor will be at the Bay this weekend!

This amazing piece of aviation history will be operating out of the Put-in-Bay Airport this Friday through Sunday. The Ford Tri-Motor was the world’s first mass-produced airliner, and this particular plane has been in service since 1928!

It’s known as the “City of Wichita” and its owned and operated by the Liberty Aviation Museum.

You Can Fly In This Incredible Piece Of History

Not only can you see this incredible plane, but if you’re lucky, and you bring a few greenbacks, you can take a flight in it!

Flight tickets are for adults, and for those aged 17 and below.

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Walk-up tickets will be available, but they will be first-come first-serve. Or you can get them ahead of time online here!

The Tri-Motor will be flying from 9am-5pm Friday-Sunday!

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History Of The Ford Tri-Motor

The Ford Tri-Motor airplane made an indelible mark in the annals of aviation history. Designed and produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1926 to 1933, this impressive aircraft was a groundbreaker in commercial aviation and a key player in solidifying the feasibility of air travel.

On June 11, 1926, the first Ford Tri-Motor, the 4-AT model, took to the skies. It had a capacity for one pilot and eight passengers, but it was the later, upgraded 5-AT version, accommodating a crew of three and up to 13 passengers, which became the most famous.

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The “City of Wichita” visiting the Bay this weekend is one of the 5-AT versions.

The production of Ford Tri-Motor ended in 1933, with around 200 aircraft produced. Despite its relatively short production run, the Tri-Motor’s impact on the aviation industry was long-lasting.

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It played a pivotal role in proving that aviation could be safe, reliable, and commercially viable, paving the way for the future of air travel.

Come See Us And The Tin Goose This Weekend!

It’s going to be an awesome weekend at the Bay, with a great looking weather forecast and an incredible special guest, the “Tin Goose”! It will be exceedingly difficult to find lodging on such short notice, but there’s nothing at all stopping you from an amazing day trip to the Bay!

Hop on the Miller Ferry or the Jet Express, and bring a couple of hundred dollars cash, and you can take to the skies, and come back down with a story to tell for the rest of your life!

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