Put-in-Bay Condos Taxi

The Put-in-Bay Condo Taxis understands the individual needs of Put-in-Bay visitors and locals alike. They are specialized to transport groups for parties, conventions, school groups, and business meetings. Put-in-Bay Condo Taxi also assists family reunions, bachelorettes, and tours. Often utilized for weddings, Put-in-Bay Condo Taxis transports the bridal party to and from the reception. There are a lot of wedding on the island!

They pick up and drop off at both of the ferry docks as well. Coordinate your arrival time and a friendly van will be waiting for you! The drivers take care of all your luggage to and from the van and provide assistance.

With large groups, simply call them up and they can help plan all your transportation needs, including multiple vans. We can service groups of up to 60 in one trip with multiple taxis.

The drivers are all licensed and certified; committed to bringing the best service to Put-in-Bay. A member of the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce, the company is a pillar of the local community. Passengers feel safe and comfortable and may even learn something unique about the island. Things that only a local would know!


1240 Tri-Motor Dr, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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