It's Time For Burning Snowman!

The End Of Winter Means The Beginning Of Put-in-Bay!

Say Goodbye To Winter At Burning Snowman!

Are you ready to tell winter to get lost in the clearest way possible? Look no further than the annual Burning Snowman event in Port Clinton, Ohio! This lively celebration, held at Dock’s Beach House, has become the highlight of the winter season, drawing crowds from near and far to tell winter in no uncertain terms that we’ve had enough! If you can make it, you’re in for the best party of the winter season in the Put-in-Bay area.

Dock’s Beach House In Port Clinton Is Home To The Winter’s Biggest Party

Dock’s Beach House is, of course, not on the island, otherwise there’d be no getting there. It’s right on the mainland in Port Clinton, and once a year, it hosts the cathartic  Burning Snowman event. What you may not know about Dock’s Beach House, is that it’s owned and operated by Mr. Ed! That’s right, Mr. Ed of, well, Mr. Ed’s at Put-in-Bay!

There’s no one better, then, to usher away winter and bring us back to Put-in-Bay days in the spring, and there’s no better place to have the party than at Dock’s Beach House!

As always, Burning Snowman is going to be an evening of live entertainment, and an amazing event. The centerpiece, of course, the torching of a 25 foot tall “Snowman”! You can see some of the construction in the galleries on this blog. This is, for the most part, an event for adults, but there will also be a “Family Freeze” from 5-7PM, with face painting, hot cocoa and more!

What To Expect At Burning Snowman 2024

The actual burning of the snowman is slated for 7:30 PM, but gates open at noon, and it’s going to be a full day of entertainment. There’s going to be multiple food trucks on site, and live music starting at 1PM and going throughout the night. Corduroy Road and My Cousin Eddie will both be playing two hour sets, and then the Red Ball Jets are going to play for two hours as well, but their set will be split in half, with the burn happening in between. The Ohio Burn Unit will also be performing a fire show before the big burn. After the burn and the Red Ball Jets wrap up, the party moves to Mr. Ed’s (in Port Clinton, not the Put-in-Bay one!) where the Killer Flamingoes will be performing until midnight, and then Put-in-Bay famous DJ ADUBB will be spinning until close.

The End Of Winter Means Put-in-Bay Season Is Right Around The Corner!

It’s not only the Snowman that’s melting, the ice is melting all around the island! We could get a quick freeze one more time but more likely than not, the water is going to remain water, and the Miller Ferry will be lined up for an early start in 2024! You can be sure that we’ll break that news here as well when it arrives. You can also use to plan YOUR 2024 visit to the Bay, or even better, your first of a few! You can check out our 2024 event calendar, see our top lodging picks, and get info on Put-in-Bay golf cart rental!

The arrival of Burning Snowman is the first big sign that a Put-in-Bay season is on fast approach, so all of us at are excited to see it arrive, and it does, in 10 days time, on Saturday, Februray 24, 2024!

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