Put-in-Bay's Path Forward: We are opening!

July is the high point of the season and Put-in-Bay is Definitely Open!

Big News Came on May 8th that WE ARE OPENING and since that day, more and more people have made the trip to Put-in-Bay. Yes, we are open! There is a group of dedicated community leaders who met on the island to interpret the Governor’s most recent decrees, how they affect Put-in-Bay specifically, and what our path forward was to be… and it got implemented. Safety First!

What we can tell you now is that we assure you that Put-in-Bay businesses ARE open, following best practices designed to protect you, our cherished guests, so that you can focus on enjoying a much needed Put-in-Bay vacation. We can tell you that outdoor dining began on May 15th, and indoor dining began on May 21st. The pools opened on May 26th. Everyone is having fun!

The Miller Ferry started running for guests on May 11 and the Jet Express started running on May 29th. Both ferry services, as of July 6th, announced that they are implementing a mandatory mask policy, so don’t forget to bring your mask!

Stay tuned for updates every day on putinbay.com and the Put-in-Bay Island Guide on Facebook. Take a moment to plan what you might want to do on your trip to Put-in-Bay.

Find lodging information.

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We want you to be ready to go when we are!

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What It All Means For You

This is, of course, a joint effort, and it is our hope and expectation that our guests will also be as responsible as we are moving forward, maintaining social distancing and being mindful of your fellow guests. We cannot wait to share our island with you again, and hopefully provide some great times that we know everybody needs right now.

To stay up to date, please tune in to putinbay.com and the Put-in-Bay Island Guide on Facebook, for the most current information.

While the bars and pools may not be open just yet, that’s nowhere near all that Put-in-Bay has to offer you right now. Walking one of our many nature trails, enjoying our breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over the lake, sitting on a deck with family and friends and enjoying a meal together fresh off the grill. You deserve to do something special with people you care about, now more than ever, and there is nowhere better to do it than Put-in-Bay.

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Get Ready For Put-in-Bay!

These past couple of months have been hard on all of us. We are incredibly excited to be able to begin slowly returning to normal on the island. We so look forward to enjoying Put-in-Bay together again!


What opened early – What is still to come!

This list will only expand as we get more information. The committee met at noon on May 8th and this was our preliminary list. This link is updated daily with business openings and other important information.

Island General Store

The Island General Store is open from 10 AM-4 PM daily, however customers cannot come into the store itself. If you have a small order of 5 items or less, you can call the store at 419-285-4091, and they will prepare it for you and bring it to your car in the parking lot. If your order is larger than 5 items please call 15-20 minutes in advance of arrival. Small orders can be placed on demand through the service window onsite. If you are a senior citizen or otherwise high-risk customer, the Put-in-Bay Police Department will deliver your order.

Island Hardware

Island Hardware is open from 9 AM-4 PM Monday through Friday, and 10 AM-2 PM on Saturday. They are taking precautions to ensure the safety of customers entering the store. These include but are not limited to capping the number of customers in-store to 10 at a time and a stringent routine of cleaning and disinfecting. They will also deliver purchases if needed. Their gift shop has been moved to online exclusively for the time being to focus on essential purchases. For additional information or to request a delivery, please call 419-285-NUTS (6887).

Put-in-Bay Gas Station

The Put-in-Bay Gas Station is operating from 10 AM-3 PM daily. You cannot enter the gas station itself, however, if you need items from inside such as drinks, cigarettes, or other available products, you may place an order at the service window. Seniors and high-risk customers can receive full service by beeping their horn at the pump, an attendant will come out and pump the gas for you. The best time to do this will be from 10 AM-11 AM as there will be a second attendant on hand.

Put-in-Bay Post Office

The Put in Bay Post Office is currently operating by its typical full-time schedule, from 8 AM-12 PM and 2 PM-5 PM Monday through Friday, as well as 8 AM-12 PM on Saturday. There is a limit of 6 people in the Post Office at a time, and proper social distancing measures of 6 feet must be taken.

Cameo Pizza

Cameo Pizza, located inside Mr. Ed’s, is open for both carryout and delivery on Friday 4 PM-10 PM, Saturday 11 PM-2 PM & 4 PM-10 PM, Sunday 4 PM-9 PM, and Monday 4 PM-9 PM. Click on the image to the right for a full menu. They are now also offering subs!

To contact Cameo Pizza, please call 1-419-285-4444.

Download a menu before placing your order, and Read a Letter from the Owners


The aroma of delicious, fresh baked bread is always the telltale sign that Subway is nearby. In fact, it is tucked just inside the lobby of the Commodore Hotel, behind Mr. Ed’s Bar. Subway is always the perfect mix of sustenance and value. They make the best sandwich for late night snacking as well as lunch on the boat. Subway is a favorite among Put-in-Bay visitors. Open 10am-8pm daily.

To contact Subway, please call 1-419-285-1000

Reel Bar

Reel Bar is open for both curbside pick up and delivery, Wednesday and Thursday from 4 PM-8 PM, Friday from 4 PM-9 PM, and Saturday from 12 PM-9 PM. Two alcoholic beverages can be purchased with a food order. Additionally available for carryout are beer, wine, and soda.

To contact Reel Bar, please call 1-419-285-1318

Orders can be placed online at www.toasttab.com/reel-bar

Topsy Turvey’s

Topsy Turvey’s is operating 7 days a week, from 11 AM-2 PM and 5 PM-8 PM. Their menu is available for pick-up, and two alcoholic beverages can be purchased with a food order. They also have the usual chips, candy, snacks, soda, beer, and fishing tackle/supplies (but no Ohio fishing licenses).

To contact Topsy Turvey’s, please call 1-419-285-4511

Download a menu before placing your order.

The Forge

The Forge serves excellent food (pick-up orders only right now though) and have a great sense of humor. Here’s a quote from their Facebook: “We are living in a world where margaritas to go are legal!” Hours for Sunday Brunch are 10 AM-2 PM and Taco Tuesday is 12 PM-2 PM & 5 PM-9 PM.

To contact the Old Forge, please call 1-419-285-0022

Download a menu before placing your order.



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