What's Happening At The Bay In May?

What’s Happening At The Bay in May

So we may not be in full summer mode just yet, there may not be swim up bars packed shoulder to shoulder and you may not need to break out the sunscreen just yet. But with multiple holiday weekends, and some incredible island occasions, it’s months like May that make Put-in-Bay the incredible ‘everyday island getaway’ that we all know and love! So what’s in store this month? Check it out!

If You Want To Enjoy Any Of These PIB Events In May, Here Are Our Top Lodging Picks!

Mardi Gras Weekend, May 10-11

This weekend, May 10-11, is Mardi Gras weekend at the Bay! Couldn’t make it to NoLa this year for the so-called ‘real’ Mardi Gras? No worries because we’re having our own, right here at Put-in-Bay!


Mother’s Day, May 12

Once all the Mardi Gras festivities wrap up and the revelers head on home on the Sunday morning ferries, it becomes the perfect time for a nice family visit to the Bay for Mother’s Day! Where else would you want to spend a family day away, feeling the warm breeze as you check out all the downtown Put-in-Bay shops? It’s guaranteed to be a day Mom won’t forget anytime soon!


Blessing Of The Fleet, May 14

Tuesday, May 14th, is an opportunity for you to take part in one of Put-in-Bay’s great island traditions. The village of Put-in-Bay, and in fact all of the Lake Erie islands, are so dependent on the boats coming to and from the mainland. They’re the figurative lifeblood of the islands. And so, as has been the tradition for decades, the clergy of South Bass Island’s two churches bless the ferries, fishing charters, Coast Guard rescue vehicles, life flight helicopters, all the vehicles that will spend this summer in service of Put-in-Bay. It’s an awesome community event that makes for a perfect family friendly occasion to visit the island and see dozens of different boats and vehicles.


Victoria Day Celebrations, May 17-20

Since Put-in-Bay is in such close proximity to Canada, and because the travel to and from Canada is relatively easy, Canada’s big national holiday is an occasion at the Bay not too dissimilar from our own Memorial Day! Our neighbors up North flock to South Bass Island for a long weekend getaway that we’re so happy to host every year. But don’t worry, if you have designs on coming to the island this weekend, Americans remain very much welcome!


Island Wide Garage Sale, May 18

Here’s one of the great and unique things about a small island community that you just can’t pull off on the mainland! The entire island gets together, year-rounders, summer vacationers and local businesses, and turns the entire place into a giant garage sale! Explore the island for deals and help us clean out our spaces for another hectic summer at the Bay!


Memorial Day Weekend at the Bay, May 24-27

As you can imagine, for us, like any travel destination, Memorial Day Weekend is one of our biggest of the year! And while it may be a bit of vanity, we certainly think that Put-in-Bay is one of, if not the best place in the Midwest to spend your holiday! Get the whole family together and book a place at the Island Club, where you’ll have your own personal deck and propane grill!


A Blank Slate the Following Weekend, May 31-June 1

Just like we just said that for any travel destination, Memorial Day is huge, for any travel destination, the following weekend can be a bit of a lull. It’s maybe the only weekend all summer where Put-in-Bay doesn’t have a major event going on, and just about everyone who likes to travel did so last weekend for the holiday. So what does that mean for you? Well if you’re free and you’re smart, you can snag a deal on what is essentially an early summer weekend at spring prices, and enjoy the spirit of the Bay with enough of a crowd for fun, but not too much to be crowded. The savvy traveler’s favorite weekend at the Bay!

What’s the Rest of 2024 Got In Store?

If you aren’t going to be able to swing a trip to PIB in May, don’t fret, the summer has just begun! Here are some great quick links to navigate our site and help you plan your trip when it best suits you!

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