2024 Season Preview

The 2024 Season Is Upon Us At Put-in-Bay!

It’s been a long winter, and if you step outside after reading this, you’ll certainly say, it isn’t over quite yet. But if you’re reading this, it means the Miller Ferry is running! And that means that, as far as we’re concerned, it’s Put-in-Bay time!

Like silly old bears, we do a little hibernating in the winter months. Of course, via our Facebook page, we still bring you the best of the island winter, but it’s just not the same when the lake is frozen over, when the only way to the Bay is to fly, and when it’s a sleepy island community of under 200 people. But once that boat starts running, preparations for our tourist season begin immediately! The very first boat is filled with staff from many of the island’s businesses, to begin the process of dewinterizing and get ready to host visitors to South Bass Island in just a month’s time!

We are forecasting a huge year for the Bay, and we’ll bring you in depth coverage of all of it in the coming months, but for now, check out a few highlights of what’s coming in 2024!

It All Kicks Off April 8th With Put-in-Bay’s Monumental Eclipse!

We’re starting the season off with a bang at the Bay thanks to some incredible geographical fortune. Put-in-Bay is going to be directly in the path of totality for the total solar eclipse on April 8th! About 9% of America’s population live within the path of totality, so of the remaining 91% that want to witness this once-or-twice in a lifetime event, they’ll have to travel, and a ton are going to come to the Bay! We say once-or-twice in a lifetime because though it might not feel like it, total eclipses like this are super rare. You probably recall the most recent one before this, just 7 years ago in 2017. However, the next one won’t be until 2045, so a 7 year gap is the exception not the rule. If you miss this one, you’re out of luck for two decades!

We already know from all of our hotel and vacation rental partners that they are filling up incredibly fast for what is an otherwise still pretty slow time for the island. This is going to be a huge Put-in-Bay occasion and one to remember for a long time. A special event like this deserves to be enjoyed in a special place like Put-in-Bay! We sure hope you’ll join us for it!

The Walleye Will Be Jumping Onto The Boats In April And May

In a normal year with no solar eclipse, April means only one thing at the Bay: Fishing! We do of course have some super early season visitors just to check out the sites, but in April and the first part of May, almost everyone coming to the island is coming to fill their boats and coolers with walleye and bass! We’re hopeful for a great walleye hatch this year, and we’re looking forward to welcoming anglers from all over the country to Lake Erie’s shores in a month’s time!

The Island Club is the most popular place for fishers to stay as a general statement, so if you’re looking for lodging for April Fishing, we recommend starting there. Beyond that, places like the Bird’s Nest Resort offer the space necessary for boats, and if you’re not bringing a boat and just taking a charter out, the Commodore Resort and Put-in-Bay Condos are a couple more great options.

Springtime Offers The Best Lodging Deals Of The Year

Speaking of the Put-in-Bay Condos, their waterfront condos are the most luxurious lodging option on the island, complete with incredible balconies overlooking Lake Erie. You can see just how close these balconies are to the shore on out webcam, as the Condos are kind enough to let us have one up there! But, the waterfront condos can get pretty pricy, especially in the summer time. But at the beginning of the season, you can find yourself a pretty fantastic deal to stay at a place that can make your Put-in-Bay getaway even more special! Double bonus if you can make it over to the island for a midweek stay. If you can, you’ll be surprised at just what might be in your budget at the Condos!

Of course, the Condos aren’t the only place offering great springtime deals. April and May are the best time of the year to do a Put-in-Bay trip on a budget!

These Are Our Top Lodging Picks For 2024 At The Bay

2024’s Edition Of Bash On The Bay Is Going To Be Unforgettable!

2024 is also going to be special because of a massive Bash On The Bay event. Hosted by 614 Events at the Put-in-Bay Airport, Bash On The Bay is the marquee event of the Put-in-Bay calendar, and this year it will be featuring two mega-stars, Jelly Roll and Hardy!

We have a bit of an inside track on things like this, because we communicate with many of the island’s top lodging options, so while to the general public it might seem like we have big names every year, some names are bigger than others, and they might not be the names you realize. Kid Rock was by far the Bash On The Bay that drove the most bookings and inquiries, but what we can tell you is that beyond that, Jelly Roll and Hardy may be the most popular artists we’ve ever had here. People are booking like crazy all over the island, and it won’t be long until there isn’t anywhere left to stay. So if you are interested in seeing either Jelly Roll or Hardy (or both) and participating in an iconic Put-in-Bay event, it advises to start looking for a place to stay soon!

Hugely Popular Events Return To The Bay In 2024

Bash On The Bay isn’t the only big time event coming back to Put-in-Bay in 2024, all of the main classics are returning as well! We’re going to have the Volleyball Classic of course, and the Put-in-Bay Cup 6v6 Soccer Tournament. The Amphicars are coming again, and so are the Jeeps. The season’s first big party, as it has been for the last two decades, will be the Spring Fling at the Island Club! As Pyrate Fest continues to get bigger and bigger every year, we anticipate another huge turnout for that!

You’ll have not one, but two opportunities to tour the Benson Ford Ship House, one of the most iconic homes in America. Not one, but two 5k’s. Not one, but two wine festivals! Some things are so nice we do them twice!

We Can’t Wait To Share 2024 At Put-in-Bay With You!

All of this is just the start. As always at Put-in-Bay, there’s musical acts we don’t know about yet, events that haven’t been scheduled yet, surprises in store all season long. But we’re going to keep you in the loop as they happen! And we aren’t naive enough to believe you can come to the Bay every weekend, although we definitely wish you could. So when you can’t, you can check in with us online through our webcams and social media, as we bring Put-in-Bay to you when you can’t come to us!

We’ve just about made it through a northern Ohio winter, and we can’t wait for green leaves, warm breezes, and island living! But most of all, we can’t wait to SEE YOU AT THE BAY in 2024!

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