Put-in-Bay Parasail

Parasailing over Lake Erie is one of the most unique ways to enjoy summers on Put-in-Bay. In operation since the late 80’s, Put-in-Bay Parasail has helped folks “get high” for over twenty years!

The Parasail stand is located right beside the Boardwalk Restaurant Complex on Bayview Avenue. Close to the Jet Express terminal, you can’t miss it!

Put-in-Bay Parasail Particulars

Inspired by a trip to Florida, the original owner for Put-in-Bay Parasail brought this activity of the island, much to delight of locals and visitors alike.

A very safe activity, parasailing lifts the lucky participant up into the air via a rainbow colored parasail. The passionate staff led Captain Jason Hill is extremely knowledgeable. They take the time to teach each and every guest about the ins and outs. Along with Captain Jason, Joe and Kennedy will instruct you on parasailing best practices.

Choose from either high or low parasailing. A standard towline is 600’ but these wild and crazy guys can give you up to 800’ to really feel like you’re flying. Each light last 10 minutes.

Looking to take a dip? Asked to be dunked into the water. It’s really fun! Or stay dry up high. Each towline can carry up to 400 lbs on good days. Depending on the weather, you can opt to fly in tandem with someone else.

Put-in-Bay Parasail offers lots of great deals and packages. They take 30 action photos of each parasailer in flight. A deluxe package includes a t-shirt and DVD of your trip for $110. A regular flight is $90 and each lasts about 10 minutes. Everyone gets an “I Got High” sticker.

Groups are more than welcomed to try out this activity together. It is a definitely a bonding activity. Reservations are taken on a first come first served basis. Don’t wait to come parasailing since flights are canceled in rainy weather.

Everyone is lifted directly off the back of the boat from a platform in a seated position to get airborne. You also land back on the platform on your feet at the end of the flight.

You can also purchase paddle boards from Put-in-Bay Parasail.

Downtown Put-in-Bay

After your flight, reward yourself with dinner and drinks at the Boardwalk. This sprawling complex features five different restaurants and three bars. The crown jewel is the Upper Deck. Enjoy amazing view of the lake you just flew over as you dig into Lobster Bisque and a glass of wine. Rita’s Cantina is also on deck if you’d prefer a delicious frozen margherita.

The entire downtown area is full of fun things to do, from bars to shopping, it has it all. Some favorite bars include Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille and Hooligan’s Irish Pub. Popular shopping destinations are certainly Lovella’s Boutique and the Carriage House.

Weekends find groups of friends hopping from bar to bar, enjoying live music, friendly company, and strong drinks. Families love sitting in DeRivera Park and taking a spin on Kimberly’s Carousel. Everyone journeying to Put-in-Bay loves Lake Erie and all the fun activities surrounding the water including parasailing with Put-in-Bay Parasail!


341 Bayview Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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